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Just a tap game. Nothing new hear.
rjbax on Jun 14, 2010 for Zombie Wonderland
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Good but please...
Add money that you can earn to buy guns inbetween levels plus many more  then it will be 
Fuzzjsjdhcjcjx on Jun 14, 2010 for Zombie Wonderland
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Amazing 3-D Graphics & Very Addicting
Great graphics and sound fx, intense gameplay. Highly recommend.
AlanC19 on Jun 14, 2010 for Zombie Wonderland
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Pretty decent
I like it i thought it was gonna be worse but it came out pretty good i would give it 5stars but it needs updates to get the other star
crysdee89 on Jun 14, 2010 for Zombie Wonderland
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Mr. Clean Meets The Zombies
Zombie Wonderland is a frantic zombie shooter that not only has you running from window to window to keep the undead at bay, but also cleaning up after yourself in the process. It’s a charming little game with high production values and a good deal of bang for your buck. Zombie Wonderland offers two game modes: Story and Survival. Survival, as you can imagine, pits you against the zombies for as long as you can stay alive. Story requires you to protect your location, a single room dwelling, for 5 consecutive nights. There are 4 locations you’ll defend: Lilly’s House, Joe’s Bar, Jake’s Garage, and the Cemetery. You must successfully defend each place before moving on to the next. The zombies only strike during the night and, come 6:30 am, the crowing rooster sends them all back from whence they came. Their preferred method of breach is through a window, and a few shots from your trusty weapon will reduce them to a green stain. Since you’re not the type to leaving the clean-up duties to another, you must scrub any mess you’ve caused in the house. Therefore, it’s preferable to blast those freaks before they get in. As you progress, you’ll obtain items to help you along the way, such as more powerful ammo and weapons, as well as planks to nail across the windows and machine gun mounts to auto-fire from one spot while you defend another. Of course, each new location comes with more windows to defend and more difficult zombies to kill, such as the flaming zombie or the screaming grandma zombie who destroys everything in her path. Graphically, the game looks great, offering locations with a lot of character and a nice variety of easily distinguishable zombies with their own specific speed and behaviors. The animations are fluid and fun to watch. A clock resides in the upper left corner, giving you a quick visual of how much longer you need to hold off the Greenies. Your health is represented by a red heart which turns greener and greener as you take damage. A fully green heart spells your end. Any additional planks are also indicated in the upper left corner. The upper right shows your overall score, while any available items, such as the machine gun mount or your hammer, are located in the lower right. The soundtrack isn’t anything to write home about, but it gets the job done. It’s reminiscent of the type of music you might hear in Chillingo’s dual-stick shooters. Controls are touch-based, utilizing a tap-to-shoot mechanic that makes sense and works better than expected. Swiping across the screen will rotate the view accordingly, though the auto camera option will take care of your view so that you can concentrate on blasting baddies. Simply tap a window and Chuck will run to the window and take a shot at the incoming horde. Tapping on zombies will cause Chuck to continue shooting, with taps farther from the house resulting in more powerful blasts, even if the zombie is very close. Much of the game is spent trying to keep the nearest zombie at bay, while also taking care of minor maintenance tasks. The unsightly green smudges left by the newly-dead undead are cleaned by tapping on the mop symbol and scrubbing your finger up and down on the specified location. The faster you swipe, the faster you clean. Similarly, nailing planks to the windows requires tapping the hammer icon repeatedly as if you were actually hammering something. Again, the faster you tap, the faster you affix the wood to the window. It may get a bit repetitive, but the addition of new items and the overall pleasing aesthetic counters that fairly well. Replay value is good, with an enjoyable gameplay mechanic that allows you to tweak your strategy for higher scores. Crystal is integrated for global leaderboards and quirky achievements, of which there are 13. This is an exciting game that looks great and plays well. With the overflow of zombie shooters in the app store, it’s nice to see some developers change things up a bit and give you a different take on it than the others. Recommended!
DoubleTime on Jun 13, 2010 for Zombie Wonderland
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Dies anyones else crashat the second loading screen?
HeartlandBob on Jun 13, 2010 for Zombie Wonderland
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