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So fun
Love it
ChelLe 222 on Oct 15, 2015 for Colorfy
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Horrible and not user friendly at all
My main use for the app is access to patterns. The pattern tab is just the full size web page and you CAN NOT minimize it at all so I'm swiping all over to see the parts of the page and navigate. I then clicked download to print and it took me to the pdf of the pattern. Only thing is there's no option that I can find to open it in a reader like iBooks. I wholeheartedly agree with another reviewer that Lion Brand Yarn's app is so so much better.
vmlm on Oct 15, 2015 for Red Heart
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Not worth it.
I like Kylie Jenner, but I'm no way going to pay $3 a month to see how rich she already is. I was over the app the first three days. Honestly I think I only downloaded it because I wanted to see her collab with Jenna Marbles. Because Jenna is bae!
Maloniiiiii on Oct 15, 2015 for Kylie Jenner Official App
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Really ?
Where the hell is Europe ? The app literally supports anything BUT Europe, is this supposed to be funny ?
PILYSM on Oct 15, 2015 for CABAL mobile
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Love it! I'm addicted!!
Fun fun fun
JellybeanIII on Oct 15, 2015 for BlackJack
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This app is actually a translator. Nice one.
Elvis Oj on Oct 15, 2015 for Voice Translator
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All hail Khloe!
I only have Khloe's app and that will be the only app I need of the Kardashian/Jenner's. Honestly I just think she is hilarious and there is always something new when I get on! Only bad side is sometimes the live stream notification comes a little late.
Allthtcounts_so on Oct 14, 2015 for Khloé Kardashian Official App
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Fake pictures, no download of music
The pictures are fake as there is no download of free music
Pumpmachine on Oct 14, 2015 for Musicloud
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Good app
Joajsbbsjwnw on Oct 14, 2015 for music.mp3
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Have to read instructions
newapl72 on Oct 14, 2015 for Ringtones for iPhone Free.
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