XM SkyDock: Best Sat Radio To Date Review

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Best Sat Radio To Date
Easy to install and works very well. This has reconnected me to sat radio again. I highly recommend it for all of us with iPod Touch's and/or iPhones! Most of the negatives being posted are not even for the Skydock App. People need to pay attention to what they are doing.
OTACORB on Nov 19, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Happy But Sad
I just installed my Skydock and love having satellite radio in my car, but I have to agree with others with my disappointment that they charge an extra $3 a month to stream. They are just being greedy. It should be free to all members.
Max Coyotey on Nov 16, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Great Appliance, Good App
This thing is wonderful. The FM tuner piece is cool, except I live in the land of a bzillion FM channels (New Jersey), and I am forever switching channels. Testerial radio always wins, at least in my case. My complaint is the App itself: 1) 16 Favorites just does not cut it for me. I need at least double that. 2) I would like to see the background change also (i.e. I like the evergreen tree when Holly is playing, etc.). 3) I would like to see the logo of the channel be larger. Right now, it is just a wimpy little thing in the corner. Okay, points 2 & 3 are very cosmetic, but point #1 is important to me, and I am sure most, people who use XM. John
JohnnyZ63 on Nov 14, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Love this thing!!!
I love this unit I had a portable panasonic unit and my iPod and had to switch back and forth, between each other this makes it less a hassle I travel. Constantly and space at the power Jack is limited so this helps. Plus the iPod screen is larger I hope they will incorperate some of the features that I have read on other reviews, I personally would love a to use all the screen my iPod offers and would like a pause and save that my nanno offered . Keep sending those updates!!!
Natedigitydawg on Nov 11, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Great App/Product
After burning out my XMP3 (shorted out the unit when swaping aux input wires - The wire for the XMP3 dropped perfectly into the "cigarette lighter" shorting out my XMP3 - unhappy). I decided to give this a try with my IPOD. When adding this to my XM account I had to call XM as the radio ID was not recocnized online. But after that I love it... I like the fact (as others have stated) that I can switch from XM to stored music at the touch of an icon (and avoiding aux wire swap problems). At this time the 12 presets do not bother me as I never really used this much, but I think more would be a benefit to others. Having a 32 gb ipod it would be nice if the app could be compatable with pausing and maybe even recording like the XMP3 but I didnt have that option at one time so only time will tell. Other than a few minor wants rather than needs the sound is great and worth it if you've already spent 300 on an ipod and dont want to spend another 200+ for the XMP3...
Joe Leyare on Nov 11, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Great app!
As other reviewers have noted, you do need an XM subscription for the Skydock to work. For those of you who are familiar with how satellite radio works, each dock contains the unique eight character code you need to activate it. You can do this online, but if you want to replace one of your existing radios with the Skydock, then you do need to call and do battle with an XM customer rep. They can be quite annoying in trying to convince you that you can still use the older radio in another car, or your home, or whatever. There is a $15 charge to switch radios (the same amount as it costs to activate a new radio). One of the best things about it is the favorites screen. It's much easier to use than on either the Inno or the XMP3. If you're in the "favorites mode," all the channels you've added (up to display) will display. In addition to the channel number, each little square will also display a bit of the channel logo. That makes it easier to see from a distance. I prefer to display my favorites all the time, essentially creating a screen with 12 presets. The song/artist will still display near the top of the screen. Love that! I did encounter one glitch: The artist/song titles locked up on me. Regardless of what song was playing, the artist/title info did not change. I checked several other of my favorite channels, and they were all showing the incorrect info. I exited the app and after a few seconds went back into it. At that point everything was fine, and the song info was updating correctly.This happened one afternoon after having used the skydock 8-12 hours a day for over a week, so it apparently is not a major problem. While the app itself is free, you may need to upgrade to the latest iPhone/Touch software. Otherwise it won't load onto your iPod or phone. Version 3.1 is the most recent and it's $4.99. Not a big deal, but be aware of it.
Lugosi2k on Nov 10, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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