XFINITY WiFi: Waste of time Review

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Waste of time
Not very good at all. I wish it gave you the business name and not just the address. Come on xfinity you can do better than this.
Jimmyjohn100 on Aug 12, 2013 for XFINITY WiFi
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Needs Improvement
A lot of these issues have been said by other reviewers, but I'll add my name to the list in hopes that it will encourage the developers to make changes and improve the app. Giving the address of a hotspot by itself is useless. Please give the name of the establishment if the hotspot is in a business. I'd also like to know how strong the signal is for the hotspots (i.e. coverage). Unfortunately the "general coverage" coloring disappears when you zoom in on the map. Please have that overlay stay on the map. And to all the morons giving this app one star because it doesn't register every wifi signal in the world or because there don't happen to be any Xfinity hotspots in your area, STOP IT! The app does exactly what it is supposed to do: tell you where Xfinity hotspots are located.
Mike in ATL on Aug 12, 2013 for XFINITY WiFi
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Xfinity wifi app
This app is too difficult to use. If I want to know where the hotspot is located, I have to take the address and do a Google search. Why cant the hotspots have the location name? I don't get it. The address is there but no names.
PhilAlbritton on Aug 11, 2013 for XFINITY WiFi
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Doesn't even do the minimum you would expect. List view shows only what is on the displayed map, and you have to zoom in so close to get hotspots identified that you only get one or two of the closest hits. Doesn't give name of business where the hotspot is, and doesn't allow you to copy/paste the address so you can easily look it up. I would like to see this app cache my creds and automatically log me in to the nearest hotspot with my xfinity account ....
Viswarkarman on Aug 11, 2013 for XFINITY WiFi
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A joke
What a joke!
GH10219 on Aug 10, 2013 for XFINITY WiFi
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Whoever created this app should be punched in the back of the head and then throw themselves into incoming traffic. This is the worst app I've ever downloaded and a total waste of space on my phone. You mean to tell me there are never any hotspots? Then why in hell was this app even created? Note to the creator...slap yo'self!
LaToya Wilkins on Aug 10, 2013 for XFINITY WiFi
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