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I grew up in Nashville and remember when Demetria joined Ch4. Loved finding this app so I can keep tabs on Nashvegas. But... I think I'm less annoyed by banner ads than the big ad that shows up every time I open the app.
NU student class of '94 on Aug 7, 2015 for version 4.3.2400
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Layout is horrible. Notifications are worse. I turned off all but weather notifications but I kept getting all notifications. If this continues I will delete. As I promised, the notifications weren't fixed so now I'm deleting. Maybe channel five will be better.
AlMat84 on Jul 24, 2015 for version 4.3.2000
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Optimized for iPhone 6! 🎉🎊✨
The app looks fresh
Hxddndjncjdowjdkd on Jul 10, 2015 for version 4.3.2400
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Just no.
I don't know who this Freeman guy is who's running for Mayor, but the fact that an ad with his face pops up every time I open this app makes me not want to vote at all. Until the recent update, this was the best local news app (well, the least-worst of the bunch), but now that I have to see a full-screen ad every time I open an app or 50% of the time I load a story or return to the app's home screen, I am deleting it. I expected better, Channel 4. You let me down.
scratchyournose on Jun 4, 2015 for version 4.3.1500
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Just threw it in the trash
When I open up a news app and the first thing is an ad on who to vote for all impartiality goes out the window and so does the app. Be real news and report impartially. Don't use your app to sway voters. I'm sick enough of that crap already.
Tellesal on May 24, 2015 for version 4.3.2000
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NOBODY wants to be forced to watch an "Escape Day Spa" commercial EVERY time they select a video clip to watch. This is EXTREMELY annoying and won't help this advertiser attract new customers or even retain their current customers! As for WSMV, if this is the only way they can afford to have a presence on the web, maybe they should just shut it down until they can figure it out‼️
TFD44 on Apr 20, 2015 for version 4.3.2000
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Annoying App
I have the settings set to only receive weather updates but for some reason I get notifications for every story they report. Extremely annoying! I've put up with it for a while but I'm deleting as I'm tired of getting multiple notifications I don't want to see.
keithp4 on Apr 15, 2015 for version 4.3.2000
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Ads are annoying
I get the need for ads, you need to make money... But if I have to wait before I can even see the news and wait for an add to go away it's a waste of my time. Put ads in tactfully but don't waste my time on app launch. It's faster to bookmark wsmv and visit the mobile site then launch your ad filled app. Thanks but no thanks. I want to see content with some ads, not ads with content.
JeremyHaggard on Apr 13, 2015 for version 4.3.2000
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Crashes all the time. Horrible layout where if if it crashes you can't go back to where you were or find it. Only good for watching live newscast in storms. Other than that it's a waste of time. Tons of out of date articles. With advertisements all over it including some I would not want my kids to see.
BJB615 on Apr 7, 2015 for version 4.3.2000
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Local news?
This app is slow and not intuitive. Give me a simple list of recent LOCAL events. If I wanted national news, I would download a national news app
Fire8723 on Mar 6, 2015 for version 4.3.2000
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