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Never playing again!!!
To whom it may concern, I have been playing your game for a short time now and I have been enjoying it, up until today!!!!!!! I will NO LONGER play this game and I have posted on my facebook account to all of my 650+ friends about the issue and have also encouraged them NOT to play it!!! What is my reason for this, you may ask? It's really simple, when I am asked to "guess" the word SUICIDE, with the attached picture of a man holding a gun to his head, that is NOT A GAME! It is not funny, it is NOT light hearted and it is NOT something I want to be a part of OR support. This picture alone can be very damaging on many levels. First, suicide is never a laughing matter and when I think of games, I think of things that should be enjoyable and funny. This brought me grief, pain, and anger. Secondly, I have several friends, who sadly enough, their own family members, some of them are children, that have committed suicide. NOW IMAGINE if they had been playing this game and had to GUESS this picture!! This would bring back painful memories and sadness, that as a mom myself, I cannot even imagine the sadness and pain that this would cause me to have, it would be unbearable!!! Furthermore, what if my children were playing this game? (Which I know many kids play these games and the parents trust that these are "safe" for them to do so). I don't want them to think that this is OK or acceptable!!! Last, but not least, suicide is a horrible way to die, not just for the person that committed it and for their soul, but also everyone around them that this has an impact on. Now, you and your company many not care about my last reason, that's fine, we all have our own beliefs, however when kids are involved, when other people have lost friends and/or loved ones to this horrible tragedy. It's NOT cool!!!! You ALL should be ASHAMED of yourselves for putting this as a picture to guess..... My vote for you and this game is a big fat ZERO!!! And YES I have spread the word and will continue to do so!
Sklgurl on Oct 30, 2013 for version 2.0
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Fun game. Makes you think
Boy howdy9999 on Oct 3, 2013 for version 1.2
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A brain twister
muMmY***09 on Sep 30, 2013 for version 3.0
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Fun times
Keeps my mind going...
Skipjack_9 on Aug 25, 2013 for version 3.0
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Great game
Good for brain exercise
whothis on Jul 25, 2013 for version 1.2
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Pretty cool
Cool game
RBdisappointed on Jul 12, 2013 for version 3.0
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Fast paced
Lots of fun!
Gapottery5 on Jun 19, 2013 for version 2.0
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What's The Word Boss Girl Here
Yo, that game is pipin fun. My name Rieemi and I love what's the word. Play That game cuz u need to ok. Aight Bye ^.^
Jilly Jolly Jilly on Jun 2, 2013 for version 1.2
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What's the word 2 rub and reveal
Do NOT get this game unless you like entering the same word 150 times. Quite a few of the pictures also do not make sense to the answer they are looking for. I will be deleting this from my iPad. It is a waste of memory.
Annoyed to no end 3 on May 27, 2013 for version 2.0
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Great Challenge
Addicting! Just one more, just one more and next thing you know an hour has passed.
Cglass67 on May 27, 2013 for version 2.0
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