War Room: Too Little, Too Late Review

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Too Little, Too Late
This program is one of those unfortunate catastrophes where over-ambitious intents led to grievous oversights. While they try to integrate cards and a system for interfacing with them, they fail to establish a sound army building code (which was easily done by iBodger, albeit for free). This whole program feels like building a great piece of architecture on a swamp. There is no good foundation for this program, and with every update it sinks further into the more. it's a slow and quite simply disappointing program, especially when attached to the Privateer Press name - which has otherwise been synonymous with quality gaming. In all honesty, they should have just left iBodger as it was and just stuck to producing great games. Until this program is sufficiently updated (read completely overhauled), I won't spend a dime on the card bundles, I already have physical copies of them. I cannot better express how thoroughly disappointed I am in this product.
Miles J.2 on Dec 8, 2012 for War Room
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useless, plain and simple
Despite essentially being an exceedingly simple database visualization app for a relatively small database, this app was already horribly slow on the iPhone 4S. So slow that I am extremely doubtful the developer ever considered optimizing it for iOS, let alone bothered testing it on an actual phone. Now the iPhone 5 is out, and despite the significant power boost from a 4S, the app is still unbelievably slow. Or rather was, as since their newest "patch", the app doesn't even work on the 5 any longer. Yet another proof of the developer's inadequacy... Were the app actually free that would already be unacceptable. But given that you do have to purchase decks to make it even remotely useful, it is just a rip off. Way to bank on the success of your games to make a quick buck, PP! Honestly, save yourself the headache and the money. I really don't like to post negative reviews, but everything about this one really deserves it.
mathieut on Dec 7, 2012 for War Room
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Not good
In a nutshell: PP designed what they wanted not what the players wanted. While it is a buggy card library thats all it really does. There are no list validation and no theme list enforcement. The font scaling looks bad on an iPhone. The art is nice and the tracking of damage works well. Having spent $20 for most of the army books already and $10 for the decks of the armies I play then having to spend another $7 per set or $60 for all the cards hurts. Especially since you must bring physical cards to official events as posted on the FAQ on PP's web site. They need to allow iBodger to come back or crate what the fan base wants and needs.
Phillip Hill Jr on Dec 4, 2012 for War Room
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This app is amazingly convenient to have. You can quick reference any stat card (assuming you buy the army info) during a game or just sitting theory-crafting. The army builder is a little lacking in that while it gives you army themes it doesn't help you in unit selection or tell you tier bonuses you have. Say what you will about army builder, but I think Privateer Press has done us gamers right by this app.
Vanvonhunter on Nov 30, 2012 for War Room
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Do not get it
Terrible setup horrible load times and drains your battery. Then comes the poor way to make lists and lack of information for theme lists. Total waste of time
DeusExMakhina on Nov 15, 2012 for War Room
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Just plain terrible
As a free app it's pretty much useless and as a paid app you definitely aren't getting your money's worth. Privateer Press is a great company who partnered with a terrible company to make this and it shows. I paid the $60 and find myself still using iBodger which worked fantastically and was free.
Fullmetalmorrison on Nov 11, 2012 for War Room
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