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Not worth it
Full of problems. I just want an army builder, bought all the decks and it keeps losing them so most of the time I can't use it anyway. I wish I had not bought it period.
Kirbster101 on Sep 3, 2012 for War Room
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Developer isn't ready
The development of this app was an absolute nightmare. But PP and Tinkerhouse were fortunate to have a fairly patient community waiting for them to fix all the bugs and make a properly-working app. After months of missed release dates and continual promises that it would be worth the wait... we get a big mess. The app crashes continually, and doesn't save any progress without you manually saving it yourself; keep that in mind when looking at the other problems. The app itself loads slowly at startup; lags/soft freezes between any actions; doesn't seem to let you heal warjacks; doesn't let you connect to an opponent; is completely unintuitive for anything other than a tablet; has no buttons to indicate where to push for health, stats, or the card image; and while only a slight irritation, you can't use a solo Merc/minion without spending $8 for the whole faction (don't worry, the store works flawlessly). As I said, add all that to constant crashes, and you are left with a complete flop for PP, who let a company with no real app experience work on something revolutionary. If you want to see their previous experience, take a look at the stuff. Yes... an airhorn app and a poorly made port of an indie game. I'm sorry PP, but you missed a real opportunity to do what your competitors haven't done yet. And now you have to sit idly by while GW prepares to release something highly intuitive. You should have thrown funds at the iBodger creator, like the entire community begged you to do. This is the first time PP has disappointed me, but it's an enormous insult to their customers and should be revamped by a developer who is prepared for such a huge opportunity.
GamerRay on Sep 2, 2012 for War Room
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I waited for this? Don't waste the space on your device.
This program is slow, buggy, and difficult to use. On my device adding damage is next to impossible. Thank god I have markets and card sleeves!
ChristopherM on Aug 26, 2012 for War Room
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Use iBodger if you still have it
Privateer really missed the mark especially when they took a perfectly good app off the market so they could put up what they thought people wanted, or really what they wanted, another revenue generator. Here is my two cents. Contact iBodger's developer and have him fix the validation. The lack of iBodger and the replacement with an inferior product has turned the tide for me as I stopped playing Hordes or Warmachine, now they get no revenue from me. And for Tinkerhouse Games, I hold you not responsible for this fiasco, this is squarely on PP.
Vipercom on Aug 23, 2012 for War Room
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Read once in a while
I think this app is great for what I expected it to do - it is a visually stimulating fantastic mobile database and digital damage tracker. Don't expect the app to do things it doesn't claim to do. Plusses: Great visuals - Seeing the virtual cards really help me piece together ideas over simple text and incomplete information. Quick Reference Rules - No flipping through the stereo instruction-type rulebook. Virtual Damage Tracking - Much easier and cleaner than marking cards. Theme lists - I like being able to see what a theme list does w/o having to carry around books or open webpages. Negs: No theme list or contract filtering - I understand allowing people to build any army they want, but if I want to be limited, actually limit me. Unnecessary connecting for solo games. - I love being able to use the app in solo mode, but I see no point in connecting to the server if I am not sharing information. I am using an iPad3 and have been able to share lists, and I do not crash unless I let my battery get to 10%. Don't listen to ridiculous complaints without knowing their systems and situations. This is a great app that will continue to get professional support for a very complex database. Definitely give it a try, expect errors on older devices.
Obbsean on Aug 23, 2012 for War Room
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Good idea - what happened? - v1.0.7
Among the other issues already listed in numerous ratings, there is no method to sort the created lists. Not by date, faction, caster, points, nothing. What happened to the standard Iphone drag and drop conventions? Spell Martyr for legion is a solo, but it was listed in UA. So in armies there is a problem linking it up as attachments as it must associate with a unit, crashed my devices. Now it doesn't show the Spell Martyr as an existing card even though I have the ultimate bundle. It's good to have the cards, but buggy buggy program. It's got a long way to go to catch up with same level of value from the free retired ibodger. Come on PP, please help us out here.
Snowchief on Aug 23, 2012 for War Room
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