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An epic failure!!!
Its hard to really explain to an outsider just how disheartening this release is. After seeing them shut down a very useful and functional program and replace it with this piece of garbage. It's obvious that Privateer was fooled into cooperation with a bunch of buffoons who obviously know nothing about wargaming or even good programming. I really wish they'd just admit the failure and relegate this to he scrap heap. I have no intentions of paying for the cards at all now even though I had budgeted to buy the entire pack. Even more aggravating is the smugness and self delusion I am seeing from Privateer's reps and their fanboys. Ultimately, I am saddened by this knowing that in Nottingham a bunch of greedy ex-gamer businessmen are laughing themselves to death over this debacle.
Crashg1972 on Aug 8, 2012 for War Room
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Really want to like this, but...
The app still has some issues, but props to Privateer Press and the developer for taking them head on. App is much improved since the initial delivery. With some more work, this could be a great tool for Warmahordes players. Keep making it better PP!
Cygnnus on Aug 8, 2012 for War Room
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Ibodger was better
Ui seems clunky, cant store army lists, no validation, slow, have to be on wifi no offline I could understand but why not 3g. iBodger was a much better app
Ret1980 on Aug 8, 2012 for War Room
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Very slow and Can't be used unless I'm on Wifi? Really? They would have been better off not even releasing this app.
Dave4245265 on Aug 8, 2012 for War Room
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Not terrible
My personal experience with this app is very different from what I've read on here so far. I've bought both minions and everblight decks and I have no issues with this app. It loads cards right, most cards are accurate, pleasing to the eye, and easy rules reference. Yes no list validation, but how hard is it really to make sure your lists are legal to tier? Takes 5 seconds to read over tier rules and another 5 to make sure your list is accurate. And load times are easily summed up to art rendering. Thg is also very fast on rules updates an corrections. Only 4 stars because of no collection manager or landscape view (iPhone 4).
The dude 404 on Aug 8, 2012 for War Room
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After months of delays, you'd expect a solid release. Instead, the app we've received is filled with bugs: crashes, inability to view purchased content, inaccurate information, etc... It's as if no one even bothered to actually test it. Even the "fixes" they've released in the first 24 hours have often times been worse than the initial problems. Assuming it *did* actually all work, it suffers from many other problems, like an extremely clunky and slow UI, and a lack of features most of the community wants. The community constantly told Privateer Press they wanted list validation and full theme implementation, and PP constantly said they weren't going to do it. And they didn't (which is ridiculous considering iBodger, which they killed, did all this flawlessly), but it's even worse in that it does literally *no* validation, allowing you to build lists so wildly illegal as to be comical. Perhaps one of the most egregious problems in my eyes is the lack of persistence the app shows. App developers know they have to account for sudden loss of power or crashes, and as such the state of your app should constantly be stored so it can be restarted and you don't lose your data. However, in my initial tests I've had it crash halfway through list creation and the list is completely gone upon restart. But more importantly, for an app that's touted as a replacement to the cards and provides the ability to use the app to track your actual game state, I've had a solo game crash and when I restarted it, the entire game was gone. If this had happened during an actual game at the table, I would have had no choice to forfeit. Some of these problems may be able to be resolved with future patches, but I fear there are fundamental design flaws in the application that will prevent it from being usable without a major rewrite. It's even more insulting that they forced the communities most popular list building tool (iBodger) off the market in anticipation of War Room, and it doesn't do even half of what iBodger did. A complete dissapointment.
Fukifino on Aug 8, 2012 for War Room
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