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A good start...
Over all this is a great start. Hopefully you will make the few changes needed to bring this over the top to become a great tool both on and off the table top. However the point of view that was given in the road map of this being a card library more then an army list construction tool is a little aggravating. It was presented as one. A great and functional one was removed to be replaced with this was a tad bit annoying. A few changes that are needed to make this a great system: 1.) make the tier system effect the list creation system. It's a small thing but it has become a big part of the game. 2.) when building a list if you have more then one caster change the FA of a unit to match. If I am playing an unbound game, I'd like to field my full allotment of units with out the app saying it is not valid. 3.)...... Ok let's face it. Make this work like a list construction tool. It's one of the key things it was presented as. A great FREE program was removed to be replaced with this system. It's a start but please make this main function of the app work like it should. Allow us to make a list and have it verify that it is a legal one. Support the theme list function of the game. OR Allow iBodger to be supported again just to makes lists and nothing else. The other functions are great. Easy to control mid game and actually nicer to use then the real cards.
E2lio2tR on Aug 15, 2012 for War Room
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So. Much. Fail.
Open an API and let the community have a crack at it. They will do a much better job. Failhouse is made of fail.
Bovard T on Aug 12, 2012 for War Room
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Needs Improvement
I love the Card Library and Rules Index, but I am not enjoying the List Manager or the "Fight" feature. Improve how the app handles Theme Forces, Mercenary Contracts, and Minion Pacts - then I'll be happier with it. Also there's the apps general sluggishness, slow load times, and other instabilities that make its use unenjoyable.
Tinman_XL on Aug 12, 2012 for War Room
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Very disappointed. Waited months for this? They should have bought ibodger.
CursedShade on Aug 12, 2012 for War Room
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I would do less then 1star if I could! This ap is slow, NOT free, and a support group that equates to monkeys playing with their excrement. Would not spend 3 hours downloading this app till they get stuff fixed. Bad enough I have to buy updated crap to play the game, but to buy the cards 2 times makes me want to sell my army and invest in bad publicity for privateer press. Do not get !
Ajklex on Aug 10, 2012 for War Room
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1 Star
1 star gentlemen. 1 star. This app is slow. Really slow. A great example of the term "Lipstick on a Pig". The lipstick looks nice but its still a pig. The user interface must not have gone through any testing by the app development company or Privateer Press. It is cumbersome to build even a basic list. How some of these simple in your face problems could be ignored is beyond me. Examples. I went to build a 50 point list. I chose my caster. I then start adding jacks. Every time I add a jack it asks me which caster to assign the jack to. What??? There is only one choice. Why must I continue to tell the app that I want to assign the jack to the same, and only, caster in my list? Amateur Hour. And the opposite case. I went to delete components of my list. Every time I went to delete it asked me "are you sure"? Of course I'm sure! Even if I wasn't its not like I'm making a bank transaction here. If I accidentally delete I can just add it back. The app is full of pop ups asking the user "are you sure?". Terrible. The reference section allows you to pick letters like 'V', 'W', and 'X'. There is no data there. Its User Experience 101 folks. Don't show a choice if you don't have data behind it. Amateur. Did I mention slow. I see spinners everywhere. What's up with Free? There is no value to the customer in the Free version of this app. All it does is pester you to spend money up front to gain entry to a terrible user experience. I spent $7 to buy my faction. That is 4x what I am accustomed to spending on an iOs app and the first time I do so I am given a terrible user experience. Here is a lesson in what Free should mean. Free should mean when I first register with the application I choose a faction, the app then gives me, for free, the cards for my chosen faction. In doing so you give me value and show me the faith you have in your own product to incent me to purchase other faction decks. At least the developers were humble enough to put a very accessible Report a Bug link in the Menu. I suggest everyone use this to report usability issues otherwise this is the "best" Warmachine/Hordes app we're going to get. Alright so here are your benchmarks gentlemen. For list building speed and validation there is none better than iBodger. You must build an app that outdoes iBodger in that very simple task. How you missed that mark is beyond me. If you want to give me faction decks then you must be able to beat the speed my home-made PDF of my card collection has. I can search it and load it far faster than the initialization of this app. So I'll add - I'm a fan of PP. I really am. I have well over $1000 into this game and I am sorely disappointed that this is the app they turn out. 1 Star - you earned it.
TBDB on Aug 10, 2012 for War Room
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