VIP Access for iPhone: Very useful app Review

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Very useful app
Works perfectly on my iPhone 3GS. Had the dongle first. Switching to the app was a little confusing but I took my time and carefully read the options in eBay and paypal for the VIP access and figured it out ( basically just unregister the dongle). It's great bec I always have my phone handy. I wish more sites took advantage of this extra layer of security.
Niteflytes on Feb 11, 2011 for VIP Access for iPhone
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Does not work!
This app will not work for me on iPhone 3GS. It is supposed to be showing me a 6-digit number for a "pin", but all it shows is 4 numbers followed by "..."(e.x. 1234... instead of 123456, if that were a real code). I have tried the "Reset VIP Access" option, as well as restarting the iPhone itself, all several times, to no avail. I cannot make this app work on my own, and from previous reviews, customer support on this is largely, if not wholly, unavailable.
Jon-Boy on Feb 6, 2011 for VIP Access for iPhone
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Dont use this if you have to restart your iphone or close applications!
I am on a iphone 4, and thought this would be a excellant application to use to secure my paypal account. I was horribly wrong! You see, on my iphone 4 I tend to close applications through the multitasking menu in order to preserve battery life. So naturally after I set up this app to work with paypal I closed it, double tapped my home button, press and held on the icon, and closed the application. Well when I went to log into my paypal account about a hour later I find that I am unable to get in. What had happend was that when I closed the application it reset my Credental ID code! So I ended up having to digg out my other information and deactivate this service on paypal. After this I decided to run a few tests, and I have discovered that force closing the application is not the only way to get this horrible bug. Simply restarting your iphone causes the CID to change! So if you use this service then you better hope that your phone doesnt run out of battery, because as soon as it does then you will have to deactivate it like I did! I can understand that security is a high priority, but this is just is to much of a hassle to put up with. You can at least have it remember your CID between application closes, I dont see how this could be any more or less "comprimising" as having a official keythob!
Reluttr on Dec 13, 2010 for VIP Access for iPhone
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Easy to setup, easy to use
Installed this app on my iPod Touch after hearing about it on a SecurityNow! podcast. It was easy to setup with PayPal. There was no confusion and no support required. I have both my iPod Touch VIP Access and my Paypal security key configured at the same time and can use either.
kc9hi on Sep 26, 2010 for VIP Access for iPhone
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Stopped working
Keeps crashing on iPhone 3G
M4GNUS on Sep 21, 2010 for VIP Access for iPhone
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Works well
It works for me on iPhone 4. Does exactly what it says. Easy and simple.
Karimjwalker on Sep 13, 2010 for VIP Access for iPhone
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