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rise against rocks!!! on Sep 2, 2013 for U.S. Bank
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Mobile deposits are poorly implemented
The main reason I would use this app would be for mobile deposits. Unfortunately, there are four deal-breaking flaws with that feature: 1. The buttons are often unresponsive. After taking a photo of a check, for example, I have to press the "use" or "retake" buttons several times to get it to register the input. 2. More significantly, it often can't read the check photos taken with my iPad mini (even when I take the photos following the instructions carefully and I can see the photo is perfectly clear and sharp, centered, and with all 4 corners visible. 3. Even worse, the app isn't smart enough allow the user simply to retake the one problematic photo. Instead, one has to start all over from the beginning, re-entering the deposit info, retaking *both* photos, and re-entering the answer to the security question. After doing this 2 or 3 times when it keeps failing to read a check image, the total time wasted is more than what it would've taken simply to stick the check in an envelope and mail it to the bank. Technology is supposed to make things easier, not harder. 4. Adding insult to injury, the US bank app charges 50 cents for mobile deposits. None of my other bank apps charge for mobile deposits, and they do a better job. Even if the app worked well, it would be obnoxious for US Bank to charge its customers for using an automated deposit system that reduces the workload for their tellers. But you want to charge me 50 cents for a service that doesn't always work? Forget it. I'll mail my checks in or drop them off when I pass by the bank.
liber8 on Sep 2, 2013 for U.S. Bank
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Forced Update Is Garbage.
I despise how US Bank has the amount of control over the app, where they can force me to update the app or I just cannot use it at all. Thanks for your strong-armed tactics, not very nice. Plus, quite a while ago, they removed a great feature that this app had, a calculator. I believe it is because some moronic, idiotic, troglodyte of a customer must have made a mistake while using the in-app calculator, because they are a fool, of course. And knowing how disgustingly litigious our demented culture is today, I bet this Short Bus guy or gal threatened to sue US Bank because they are dumber than a bag of hammers, and they added or multiplied incorrectly when paying a bill, and that is somehow the app's fault. So, actually, I do not fully blame US Bank for that, seeing as you cannot control stupid. But, you could have had the spine to not fear some whiny special person, and could have kept the very useful calculator in the app for those of us who can tie our shoe's and spell our name's. Other than that, though, the app for the most part seems to work decently for me. But, please bring back the calculator and please do not FORCE me to update if I just want to log in and check my account balance, thanks.
Joshua D. on Sep 1, 2013 for U.S. Bank
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Can no longer do bill pay
This required update is kind of silly since it doesn't work properly. The previous version worked fine but now I cannot enter a specific dollar amount for bill pay.
myTempID on Aug 31, 2013 for U.S. Bank
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Love love love
I literally love this app especially with the recent upgrades. I never even use my computer anymore to view my account. I can take pictures of checks and have them in my account in hours, an up to date feed on my available and current balances and even detailed list of my charges that are "in limbo".
bubbasgirl on Aug 31, 2013 for U.S. Bank
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Love this app!
This app just made my life a whole lot easier. Loving the instant deposits without going to the bank! BRILLIANT! One less place on my list of places to go weekly. Depositing to my account from my kitchen table...Instant gratification!
Jillsfrill on Aug 31, 2013 for U.S. Bank
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