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I really used to love this app
The second time they released the 'new' really crappy version wasn' much better than the first. It is soooooo slow and i can't search from 'all tasks' at all any more. Being able to search from all tasks was one of rhe most useful functions.
Hms1 on Mar 2, 2013 for Toodledo
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Very slow on iphone 4
New update runs very slowly on the iphone 4. I can't use it. I have 215 tasks which were not a problem before.
Mark7C on Mar 2, 2013 for Toodledo
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Update needs work
This is a wonderful app but the updates needs work. The color is very dull and the print is too small. But I know you will get it right. Appreciate your efforts. Keep at it.
Gjqac on Mar 2, 2013 for Toodledo
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iPod Rendered Inoperable
This past year I finally found the way to "make the jump" from Outlook Tasks to a tasks utility which could sync across all my devices (PC desktop/laptop, iPad and iPhone): Toodledo was the wonderful solution - but sadly, only for a time... With this most recent iPhone/iPad update we now have a font which looks like it is in draft-mode (with no apparent way to make a selection for either a different font size or even "Bold"). In addition to that, individual tasks are very difficult to distinguish from one another. Starting the app in "All Tasks" on the iPhone takes much longer to load than the previous version and if you have a lot of tasks (I have over 2250 items) you may as well forget doing a quick search in that category - entering the word or phrase is even slow: I have an iPhone 5 (32 G) and each individual letter entry for a search takes seemingly forever... This leads me to the topic of using (rather NOT using) the app on my iPad 2 (16G). I did the update on my iPad and was able to use it with the disappointing "improvements" I cited above. I was resigned to using the app with the the changes, bad as they were, but when I closed out of the program and tried to start it again it would crash: OVER and OVER. I even deleted the app from my iPad and re-installed it and....the same thing. I did follow the website's support directions to reboot and it didn't work as well as resetting the device and reinstalling the iOS app: those steps all failed... If Toodledo Productivity would go back to the previous edition I would rate this 4 stars but now I' m left with no other option but to rate it a mere 1 star ( and only because I cannot find the way to rate it less).
danjcase on Mar 2, 2013 for Toodledo
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No way I will update.
2013-02-25 updated the iPad version as a test because I never use it. Nearly the same issues as your last attempt: a) no option for folder view as default; how easy it would have been to keep this as an OPTION under settings. Can't overemphasize the importance of this. Folders are what separated you from the pack. b) horrible use of real estate...only uses half the screen, then expands notes into the other half. It was better before. c) overall not as intuitive as before. Now it's devolving to the level of the other to-do apps. At least you didn't try the all-grey scheme again. Gave you guys credit for pulling back the last update. Now you have no credibility at all. No one will trust you to the degree they did two revs ago. No way I will update. Praying I never accidentally hit "update all". 2013-02-25 updated review: glad i didn't hit update on my iphone and waited to read the reviews. Clearly it sounds like this update is as bad as the last try. Just as obvious are the fake glowing five star reviews next to the one star obituaries. I agree with PowerMonger, I'm not going to update, and this is forcing me to look at other solutions. What is up with the developers? The app was basically perfect in appearance before. I use it to get things done - not to stare at like a piece of art. The last try also got shot down due to poor readability. I hated it because i couldnt do what i needed the app to do. Sounds like this update did the same thing. Developers, don't lose sight of the prime function of the app - productivity! 2012-12-11 update: kudos to the developer for having the good sense to listen and accept responsibility. Keep the old layout as is for years and I'll be happy. Kudos to all the other users who voiced their opinion. Long live free markets and app feedback!!! ------ 1. Color scheme...are you people color blind? What's with the all-grey? YUCK! 2. Size...doesn't use the space well and now it's difficult to read the tiny font. 3. Which idiot decided to take away the folder view? He/she should be drawn and quartered. Folders are hugely important. Whatever your designers are getting paid, they don't deserve it and really they should be ASHAMED of this release. You took a great iPad interface and ruined it. Thankfully you haven't ruined the website app, and the iPhone app still allows the option for the folder view. That's all that is keeping me on the platform. How many great apps have we all seen get ruined by updates which may or may not have been well-intentioned, but were sadly disconnected from the needs of its customers. You should read the user comments and get a clue. Truly surprised at the scope of this screwup!
EagleFlyingDream on Mar 2, 2013 for Toodledo
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Frustrating ...
Update has completely messed up this formerly useful app. Despite the "return to last place" setting, always opens up in "Overdue items". List of tasks by due date shows "0" for all dates. Fonts too small, page too crowded, and similar issues that others have already mentioned.
Wish they hadn't ... on Mar 2, 2013 for Toodledo
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