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I like the idea...
I like the concept of this app, but every time I try to use it I barely make it past day one because of difficulties with the app. Here are a few things that would make using this app easier for me: 1. Include the workout duration in the workout menu. Some people need to plan accordingly to allot 45 minutes or more to a workout. I hate that I don't know how long the workout is until I'm pumped up and ready to start. 2. Include a summary of workouts and/or the program overall. What can I expect? At the very least I'd like to review a list of exercises in a workout before I begin. Personally, I like to have an idea of what's coming. This would also help me identify any places where I may want to include equipment (although I understand it's not required) or if I should postpone a particular workout due to, or to prevent, injury. Which leads to point three... 3. Allow the ability to go back to skipped workouts in the program. If I skip a workout, I often plan to go back to it at a later time. The program doesn't allow for that, however. Once you skip, it's skipped. After reviewing the quick workout section, I see it can be used as a work-around for some of my concerns, but, as a user I shouldn't HAVE to find a way to work-around features I don't like. Of course, this doesn't even address the sound issues (which seem to exist in all your apps that have sound, or at least in the two I have), which include the inability to play music and the complete lack of sound if the phone is set to silent. I also agree with a previous reviewer who suggested putting progress pics under a tab in settings (Stats?). Finally, I would suggest including a way to contact the developer. I would love to send this feedback privately through the app, but without that option I'm forced to post it publicly as an App Store review. Overall, I think the app is good for the price. I just think a few tweaks would make it better.
Ryan Lieber on Mar 3, 2015 for version 1.0.6
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No Music? Still Challenging
First of all my biggest pet peeve is the lack of music! For an app designed to be done at home, it seems silly that this app cancels out any music currently playing on your iPhone. During the sets themselves it is also silence other than the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown at the end. Please please at least add this feature, even my games can do this! As for the app itself I like it a lot more than their other offering Gorilla. Very challenging workouts, just do like they say and take extra rests if you can't finish the exact exercise for as long as the timer is going for. I really like that these can actually be done at home, without things like pull up bars or exercise bands like p90x, truly a body weight workout that is challenging. Please add the music option though! Seems ridiculous that I'm doing these workouts on my iPhone at home and have to turn on a stereo for music I can't just plug my headphones in!
ZarrSadus on Oct 29, 2013 for version 1.0.3
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Like it but needs some work
Like this so far (completed Day 2 today) but I think it needs a little work. One thing I would like to see added is a few seconds to switch from one exercise to the next. It's nice that it shows at the top of the screen what exercise is coming next but when you are stretching you can't always look at the screen. Or being told what exercise is next could be an option. I would also like to be able to use the app on my iPhone or my iPad without having to have two profiles. Would also like to be able to choose a playlist to listen to. However, a 60 day workout program for 0.99 is awesome.
Leapmtl on Jul 31, 2013 for version 1.2
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Worth it but it...
This app is alright. It changes up the routine half way through the program, which was awesome. My only issue with it is that the warm ups are to slow for me. But that's just me. Oh! A "quick volt" should not be 45 minutes. A quick workout should be 20 to 30 minutes. So if you're lookin' for something with fast workouts this might not before you. All in all, it's definitely with it; for the price anyways.
countryboy8151 on Jan 30, 2013 for version 1.2
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No guidance on properly doing the exercises except for a video clip. Form is important, but no info on how "good form" is defined. Not for old farts like me (61) just seeking a stronger core. I'm back to yoga, I guess.
XAirlineGuy on Jan 6, 2013 for version 1.2
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Good but could be better
I have been using this app for a week. I like to workout while listening to music but the app doesn't allow for this. Also the app has crashed a couple of times in the middle of the workout and I have had to restart the entire workout because there is no way to fast forward or skip exercises which is frustrating. Also the timer will beep only ocassionally and radomly when the time is about to end for an exercise. The workouts are good. The demonstrations are clear and I get a good burn from the workouts. *Would like to be able to listen to music while using app *Need the ability to fast forward or skip exercises within a workout *Fix the timer sound effects *Improve stability so it doesn't crash
Daniel DeAngelo on Sep 27, 2012 for version 1.0
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Can't listen to music, no commentary, one level = NOT WORTH IT
First of all, this app is NOT for people who need to get back into shape. It's for people who have some familiarity with moves like Burpees, Squat Thrusts, Heismans, all kinds of push ups, etc. The app feels like a less polished version of P90x, without the commentary, ability to listen to your own music, or adequate rests. It's set at a ridiculous pace, has way, way WAAYYYY too few rests between pushing people to do one minute of burpees, etc, and offers NO COMMENTARY on the moves itself. Additionally, the 60 day program is a typical 5 day on, 2 days off routine. The first month is as follows: a Fitness Test on day 1, Plyo, Core, Lower Body, Upper Body, Rest, Rest. Within the first 30 days there are: 3 fitness tests, 4 Plyo days, 4 Core days, 2 Lower Body days, 4 Upper Body days, and 3 cardio days. The rest are Rest days. Because you can't listen to your own music while working out, the app itself offers no commentary whatsoever, it's set at one level only, and that level is CERTAINLY NOT for beginners, and within each program there are too few rests, and too many exercises in total, I would NOT recommend this app to anybody.
daniel brodsky on Sep 18, 2012 for version 1.0
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