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Pretty good, but lacks some essential things
The app is nicely implemented, and after some fiddling around got it to work with a paper template. It lacks a UNDO button, please add this asap!
Cinosx on Oct 6, 2014 for version 1.6.12
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Linking with Dropbox doesn't work.
Being able to use LaTeX is great, but being unable to send my documents to other computers automatically makes the whole thing very awkward to use.
Émile J. on Jul 20, 2014 for version 1.6.9
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fair to poor
Fair to poor. The editor is very unhelpful, won't remember recents or detect environments. My first doc was very simple, but contained a rendering error.
zubin e. on Nov 21, 2013 for version 1.6.1
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Can't make this work
This app seems amazing from the description. I am an experienced LaTeX user anxious to get an iPad solution -- so had high hopes for this. However, cannot figure out how to connect to DropBox, which renders this useless. Nor can I get outline view to appear. The link to the iPad app manual is broken on their site. Will revise this review if these issues resolved.
Mountb on Nov 10, 2013 for version 1.6.0
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Need to add additional support for local style files
Overall editing and debugging really surprised me. Much more fluid than I expected. Dropbox syncing has been alright so far. I created a file in the app, saved to Dropbox, and edited it on my desktop. When I reopened the file in the app, it asked if I want to stick with the local copy or overwrite it with the Dropbox version. However, there's room for improvement: I would have appreciated it if the app defaulted to the most recent copy, or at least indicated which was the most recent version when asking which I wanted to use. But it's usable the way it is. My only real beef with this app--and for me this is a deal breaker--is that I cannot get it to use a local style file I need for a journal article submission. This style file includes a *.clo that works just fine in TexMaker but this app refuses to recognize. So, I cannot use this app to do the job I bought it for. If support for local packages was included, I would say 5 stars. As is, it's not much use to me.
Patico Peligroso on Oct 10, 2013 for version 1.5.4
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DropBox integration is buggy
If you synchronize a file with DropBox you will get multiple copies labeled (2), (3), etc. This is more than a nuisance, you can't tell which file is the most current easily. The developers are aware of this, they give an excuse on their website blaming DropBox. However, there has to be a solution as other similar apps do not have the same problem.
Camila Susana Brenda on Sep 18, 2013 for version 1.5.4
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Good start, flaws and bugs
Pro: - local compiling - syntax highlighting - iPhone compatibility - extra gestures very useful Con: - Dropbox sync is very buggy - Errors often unhelpful, link to wrong lines of code. I can't get it to work with my existing projects and can't even figure out what's breaking the compile from the errors. Good app for making a small document from scratch, but not for major projects or editing existing work.
njd4k on Jun 14, 2013 for version 1.5.2
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Requires that file names have no spaces—which makes accessing all my imported work a huge pain in the *** and not worth the extra effort (seriously, I have to go in on my iPad and rename every single one??). It also cannot generate all commands in tikZ correctly. So expensive to find out that it isn't even a great fit for me.
asami.ginger on Jun 11, 2013 for version 1.5.2
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It does not have useful functionalities about typing latex
It complies well but I hardly type latex code using this editor. I do not think author considers touch interface for latex seriously. I do not recommend this app.
JI AE KIM on May 25, 2013 for version 1.5.1
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Great idea but not ready yet
I really wanted to love this: the feature set is impressive and led me to hope that I could do serious work away from the main laptop. Unfortunately the app has significant flaws; I hope these are still teething errors and that future versions will be more solid. Based on two hours working with a simple TeX file (3 pages, no fancy diagrams or packages) and a large supporting BibTeX database (~800 entries): Major problems: crashed several times, and at one point gradually slowed to an unusable crawl before crashing again (memory leak perhaps?). Typesetting seems to sometimes run BibTeX and sometimes not (references section turns up empty), and occasionally typesets without errors but displays an older version of the PDF. It also seems to regularly re-fetch my BibTeX database from Dropbox even though it hasn't changed, which means about a minute of forced waiting. Syncing with Dropbox is also hit-and-miss; it asked me a few times whether to use the Dropbox or local copy, even though the only thing editing the Dropbox file was texpad itself. As noted above, I really do want to love this app; however, for me at least it is flaky enough that I won't be using it seriously, and I do not think it is worth the $10 asking price (at least not yet). Hopefully after more improvements this can turn into a great piece of software.
Andrew_CG on May 11, 2013 for version 1.5
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