Stair Dismount: Needs a updates Review

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Needs a updates
I agree with wat the other person says about throwing him into a building and stuff
Sk8ter 1105 on Feb 12, 2012 for Stair Dismount
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Physic sim
You guys should really make a new level pack that has real physics such as a level where you push your guy into a building and the buildings supports will give way! You should also make a brutality level pack where you knock your guy into fans compactors ext please consider this for future updates
 on Feb 12, 2012 for Stair Dismount
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Conveyer belt glitch
UPDATE: Last update won't let the breakaway dolls dismber. They get the practice dummy stress point markings on their bodies. But they don't break apart.  The breakaway is cool, but there's a huge glitch...the you cant see the conveyer belt on the assembly line after parts of the dummy falls off. Still pretty cool, though.  UPDATE: The amusement park set is fun, but it's just too weird seeing him hovering in mid air. Can't you guys make a platform to support him?  UPDATE: Thanks for reducing the button size. It could stand to be smaller, but I guess this is ok. There are a few glitches: Long noodle man on conveyer belt--when I replay a scene, it doesn't display the same scene I had just played. On top of THAT, it adds even more points as it's replaying, but it doesn't retain the new score (nor should it, but it shouldn't change the scene, either). I don't know if this is specific with the noodle guy, but my husband's regular guy didn't seem to have this problem. And, yes, I DID make sure I was pushing the "rewind" arrows, not the reset button. As someone else mentioned, the countdown begins too early. My guy can still be flipping around luggage when it begins counting down. Is this timed? If so (which is a downgrade, I think), there should be a clock.  I LOVE the conveyer belt. That one makes all the rest of the levels seem boring. The extra moving element that effects the movement of the dummy really doubles the fun of the game. Many movable objects can be added to other levels to effect the game play: add ski lifts to mountains, for instance. DEVS!!  An idea to springboard off the conveyer belt would be an upward escalator as the dummy jumps down off a rail. ...or even both up and down escalators with the dummy on the rail between them. . The best two conveyer belt results I had were: 1. The dummy ended up standing, with his left arm in the triangle hole of the guard's arm, making them look like they were hugging. I got a picture. 2. The dummy came through the xray, was hit by a suitcase against the end of the second belt, was flipped up over the xray, landed on the first belt, then pulled through the xray again. I don't think I can top that. I got a few pics of him flipping over the xray terminal. You can accumulate points (if that's your thing) by getting stuck in the xray. Other than the glitches, it's a fun app.  The huge button still annoys me. It covers a huge part of the screen, making it difficult to see the entire dude unless we pinch the screen. But doing that, the guy is so small that we still can't see him. I could understand if this was a fast action game that required a lot of button banging. But this button gets pushed one time. Then we sit back and watch. Other than that, I enjoy the game. I still can't figure out how anyone can get such high scores when all I can manage to make is a little over 2,000,000.  I don't know why I keep coming back to this app. I love it. Today I purchased the extreme level bundle and the hero bundle (don't tell my husband).  PROBLEM....PROBLEM....PROBLEM  Could you find a way to hide or autohide the huge button covering the bottom half of the screen? It covers the fall guy when I'm trying to place the arrow (sometimes I like to place it on his ankle or foot...or I did). In addition, I miss seeing half of him while he's falling and slamming into things, because he's once again hidden. It would be awesome if we had full-screen view. Perhaps expose a small arrow that we can poke to bring up the button when we need it, then hit it to hide it. That's the only problem I can see in this app. Fix this, and this would be an awesome app.
appr8er on Feb 11, 2012 for Stair Dismount
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Get this game!!!
I love this game its so fun
Stingrae1232771 on Feb 11, 2012 for Stair Dismount
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Stair dismount
Coolest game ever make a part 2
Santino123 on Feb 11, 2012 for Stair Dismount
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Awesome game! Keeps you entertained for hours!
TheRisingBullet on Feb 11, 2012 for Stair Dismount
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