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Very very good game. Found myself playing this for hours everyday. Takes a long time to make money, but totally worth it. Kinda needs an IAP purchase for credits or ships. But good overall.
sfebaytech on Oct 1, 2012 for Space Borders
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Great rts for iPhone. Love the depth of control... Gaining money is a little slow but changing a few numbers with ifile fixed that. It's much more fun with 10 million bux to start :)
General Fart dumper on Sep 30, 2012 for Space Borders
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Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!
Great game, haven't played past level 2 yet, but the ships are REALY slow. I dont know if there is an upgrade for that, I'll update if that if it's the case!!
Bigredtunabike on Sep 28, 2012 for Space Borders
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Pretty fun
Pretty fun game, but the graphics could be better.
Vassquez on Sep 28, 2012 for Space Borders
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Awesome game
This game is extremely fun and addicting But there's just 1 thing you need to fix, the carrier ship (hydra) will not auto attack if moving and/or guarding a target, rather than that it's amazing Haven't got enough for the last sub-capital ship yet as its a million credits :)
Hyperkiller335 on Aug 10, 2012 for Space Borders
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Solid work
Update 3: Wow, gotta give it to you, this is a super enjoyable game. I don't really get as excited about any updates for games as I do for this one. The harvester ship: perfect. The addition of capital ships: perfect. Updated interface: perfect. It's come a long way from the game I first took a gamble on all that time ago. Here are my suggestions (this will get updated once I try out the destroyer and carrier as I haven't had the money to get them yet), and these are only to add because the game is great as it is: 1. The interface in the hanger (possibly other areas) seems to not be responsive to touch where the buttons are. Even though the button shows its being pushed, to get the menus to cycle (ships, upgrades, and turret menus) the button needs to be pressed higher than the actual on-screen button. Hope that makes sense. 2. The actual hanger menu could be changed a bit so the group names are on top rather than sideways. Or (me being picky) if they are sideways if would be on the other side so they on top when I face my iPod vertically. Overall the menus look way better however, great work. 3. If something could be done to the escort fighter AI so it didn't need to be ordered to attack that would be great. I still love the attack order option, it's just it would be great if it would also shoot on its own to minimize micromanaging the fighter. 4. Finally I actually like the fighter so much (being the only super fast ship, and it looks cool) I thought it would be awesome if there was, well, more of them. Maybe if there was an option to buy a attack group of fighters that acted as a single unit and lost combat effectiveness as the individual fighters were destroyed by damage? As long as they could be brought back by being repaired of course :) (btw after I wrote this I found you had a forum and saw that the other capital ship was a carrier so that might totally fill this role, but I'll find out when I get it!) 4.5. After reading the forums I saw that each ship has a range of sight, or it seems. If there was some way of showing what the range of sight on each unit was, that would be great. It would also make it seem less like enemies just appear out of no-where. Age of empires did it by making the entire map darker but still visible, and then where the units could see was bright. If you've played age of empires then you'll know, otherwise look it up just so I don't feel like I didn't explain it right. 5. I guess the only other thing would just be more everything. It's always fun to have even more options, more ships, more upgrades, more weapons, bigger fleets. Once again, this is just my nerd side flaring up, and (of course) this is totally optional, bigger is (almost) always better. Always fun to have new gadgets, I mean I smiled HUGE when I saw the "new ships" in the update list. 6. Multiplayer? Lul jk. It would still be cool though :D If you read all that, I thank you. This has been an experience of its own, communicating with a developer and seeing them work with the feedback. It's been super sick. I will continue to play this game and immensely enjoy the updates for a long time. I'm going to have my friend buy this, or I'll gift it to him. If you add some kind of "support" IAP I would totally give you $10 or $15 bucks just as a tip. Thanks man, if there's another update: see yah then! P.S. what happened to the radar mode where the alarm went off when enemies were nearby? That was awesome, maybe it's still there but I can't find it. P.P.S. Just used my whole battery playing your game and writing this review. Time well spent. Seriously. Update 2: Love what you did! The mini-guns are great, you have no idea how big my smile was when I saw that. My next suggestion would be to add some kind of way to help differentiate the ships from the background; as of yet the ships are almost the same color as the asteroids. Also if you could add more customization options for the smaller ships that'd be boss. I got the Homeworld vibe for a bit there! Congrats. Update: I just downloaded the game again after having to restore my entire iPod and I'll get back to you! By the way, I'd love to help promote this game and offer other suggestions if you want to contact me personally. I simply can't program for iPod because I lack a Mac. You should put a contact address for your company! I enjoy this game a lot, and I was worried because I bought it with no reviews so I had no idea what I was going to get. I like the core gameplay, it reminds me of homeworld, a fav of mine. Suggestions. Improve those pics for the commanders, they look like my brothers drawings and he's four. Better effects: being a dude, nothing rocks my socks like thousands of rail-gun rounds chipping away at enemy ships. Improve the weapon effects to achieve this epic level. I'll post more ideas as I continue playing, hopefully you'll listen to me!
XanderKrohn on Jul 31, 2012 for Space Borders
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