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lost all my tagged music
i have a shazam account. was able to see my tags online. changed my phone. the new phone doesn't have my tagged music despite being logged in. sees all artists whom their tunes i tagged though! very disappointing.
parhamesque on Aug 29, 2015 for version 8.8.1
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No lyrics
No lyrics. Very disappointing.
No lyrics what a on Aug 21, 2015 for version 8.8.1
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Lyrics problem
I had some trouble with shazzam getting lyrics, I even bought the payed version thinking this maybe the problem but still no lyrics, I tried different songs and although shazzam found each song told me "sorry but this version isn't compatable'. Has anyone else had this problem because it use to work.
Tonypem on Aug 20, 2015 for version 8.8.1
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Good most of the time.
I like shazam most of the time because it listens to the music I am around and tells me what the song is and who sings it, but sometimes it is WAY off and recently when I use it it seems be able to drain my iPhone battery even when it's charging. So I can't use it like I want to. But other than those issues I like it.
Ajmorin369 on Aug 20, 2015 for version 8.8.1
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lots of room for improvement (e.g. still full off ads even though I purchased the full version)
This is an app that a piad for, so I don’t want to see any advertisements for songs or the songs the people choose. So please remember which pane I selected (e.g. I prefer the favorites panes in the iPad version so it ought to remember that and open it on start up). It also ought to check whether I already shamed the song before and only add it to the favorites if it is a new song. All the spam that now clutters the ui also seems to have quite an impact on overall performance - it now feels as slow as molasses (even a snail would run circles around it now)
dfg.dfg on Aug 17, 2015 for version 8.8.1
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Does NOT remember tagged songs
This has been going on for years. Fails to remember tagged songs between devices and new installs. Totally worthless. Email and Facebook account sync do NOT help in recovering tagged song history recovery.
M. W. on Aug 16, 2015 for version 8.8.1
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Doesn't work
As always, they update the app and it doesn't work. Getting tired of this service. Probably not renewing.
dbiondi001 on Aug 13, 2015 for version 8.8.1
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New Update- Not good
I am a big fan of Shazam, but the new update has not been good. You can no longer play a songs demo in the app and leave that page like you could before without the song ending. Also, when you have another app open to Shazam a song, like Pandora, it shuts off the song when you open Shazam, something it didn't do before. I have been a long time supporter of Shazam, but this update has taken it a couple steps down.
zenmaster19 on Aug 6, 2015 for version 8.8.0
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Identifies songs about 50% of the time but otherwise decent.
There isn't really anything else out there quite like Shazam so I have to give credit where it's due: when it does work, it's brilliant. However I do find it frustrating that when I look up an uncommon, very old or foreign song I only get a result about 50% of the time. This is what I assume the purpose of Shazam to be... to identify songs you have no clue about at all. I've tried this on some of my own more obscure itunes library titles many times and it's often the same. Shazam's database is extremely diverse, but I do hope the creators are able to grow it over time with the intention of cataloging as much as is possible no matter how obscure. Current top 100 songs are played everywhere we walk, on every major radio station and in every form of media. It's the stuff you have to work hard to find and identify just to find something different that I'd like to see Shazam get shockingly good at identifying. Don't get me wrong, I still use Shazam as much as I can but currently I can still do better by checking internet radio station playlists, keeping physical radio stations on speed dial and scribbling down lyrics and looking them up later online. You know... the difficult old fashioned way. Also, it's a bit annoying to look up a song playing on a TV show and sometimes get the title of the TV show as the result rather than the song itself. VERY powerful program/database, but there is room for more improvement.
FCP7Guy63 on Aug 2, 2015 for version 8.7.2
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Keeps shutting down
Used to work great. Now I can't even open it without it shutting down. So frustrating since I want to get to my tags to buy songs. Annoying.
mindywilkerson on Jul 31, 2015 for version 8.7.2
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