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Should be called Eye Exerciser
Because most of its drills are just that. There isn't much in the way of actual reading training and the comprehension tests throw difficult scientific reading at you that you are expected to recall. Giving up after a few days because it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere :(
typo_kign on Jan 20, 2014 for version 1.5.2
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Lazy developers!
I ask them to make the app support horizontal view, and they tell me it doesn't support it and there's no need. LAZY!!!!!
Kris Ish on Oct 3, 2013 for version 1.5
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Good app
I'm pretty sure read faster is possible, and I love this app, but I hate the fact that this app don't give enough instructions, there are some things that are pretty important to read faster, and this app don't talk about them, fortunately I have read some books about speed reading that have help me, but still I need some help, the exercises you have in the app are great to read faster but is necessary a little bit of theory, not only do the exercises but know why, so we can apply that to our reading. I definitely hate the fact that you have had the recommendations section with the same content for a very long time "Our recommendations will be showing up here shortly." I'll give 5 stars to this app when you add information to the recommendations section.
leonidaslg on Jun 26, 2013 for version 1.4.1
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Awesome but needs crucial enhancements
The application is better than others available at this moment, however it does lack crucial enhancements for being much better than competitors or even nb 1 in the market... 1. Power Reader Bookmark Power Reader does really need a BOOKMARK, adding it is not a big deal, is it? It’s so much ANNOYING NOT BEING ABLE to CONTINUE reading after a pause or after changing highlighting settings. The application just re-starts reading from the very beginning. It’s a huge shortcoming. 2. Adding own texts & ebooks You don’t provide ENOUGH texts (just an offer of 18 texts in English or German for $0.99) and you enable speed-reading only one own text inserted from the clipboard. Guys, either add enough interesting texts for ALL languages the app is available in, or provide much MORE USER-FRIENDLY option for being able to speed-read own texts. Give your users the option to add own collection of texts, and most importantly, ENABLE ADDING E-BOOKS apart from primitive pasting from the clipboard. 3. Limited nb of words and texts being looped The exercises are really great, thank you very much, they are awesome! However, your database of texts and even words seem to be not that large, and, besides, looped. For such exercises as “word search”, “text search”, “letter mixup”, “words”, “sentences”, you BADLY need adding more staff regularly. Having done just Unit 22, I know almost by heart the words being rotated in the exercises, that’s not a good way of training, right? 4. Shultz tables are crucial & should be added! I wonder why haven’t you implemented Shultz tables which are CRUCIAL for training vision span and peripheral sight??? This one definitely should be your priority nb 1 for the future release. To summarize the review, you guys have done a fabulous work on creating the application that so much helps to train speed-reading. Should you make the further enhancements, including the ones described above, I assure you people will be ready to pay twice or 3 times more for your app. Good luck for your next release and we do hope you’ll add important features for us!
iceflameunique on Oct 13, 2012 for version 1.4
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Adding an option of importing our own text would greatly improve the program. Don't you think so, guys?
ChicgoKot on Mar 24, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Great exercises but lacks guidance
This app has great exercises that will supposedly help I,prove reading speed. I think the one missing component is greater instruction re: how the various exercises should be applied. At the end of every few lessons you have a reading passage to test your improvement, but the various lessons are never specifically applied to the way the passage (or any other reading you do in daily life).
Annoyed this isn't fixed on Mar 22, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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High hopes
I was really excited about using this app, but despite my enthusiasm it hasn't met my standard for what I was looking for as far really gaining comprehension and building speed in such a way that the developer advertises. It's an ok app, something to get into if your interested in building your speed reading ability, it might work for you better than me. Just seems like you put up to the next level with out any accurate indication that you need to move on to the next level, they could put more thought into this so that one may actually get real results
BuckleKanuckles on Mar 5, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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This app has great programming and quite a few tools useful in vision therapy and speed reading but it goes completely unguided really. I didn't feel much purpose during the exercises and I feel like I was just doing the motions. All in all after 2 weeks, my reading has not improved... I've only proven to increase my ability to scan a page and find numbers. Pros: great programs that assist in vision therapy Cons: unguided making the user lack purpose and understanding during the exercises Overall: good premise but lacks actual goal of real world reading improvement.
Chikid07 on Jan 22, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Definitely not US friendly
I don't know where the developers are from but they couldn't be from the United States because there are many words used during some if the exercises that I've either never heard of or nobody uses in everyday language. When you're trying to figure out a jumbled word quickly, and that word is "groat", it's not very conducive. Try to use normal household words in the exercises and not random unheard of words.
Bryan_W on Dec 8, 2011 for version 1.2
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