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I don't think there was a day in the summer where I wasn't on this app. I find it very fun, and a great way to make new friends. However, it is weighed down by the addition of tickets as currency, and the admins' refusal to mute certain people in the comment section, who clearly deserve to be muted.
Nick01815 on Jan 11, 2015 for version 5.4.2
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Great App, Highly Recommended
MLB PrePlay this year was very well. Although there was a few glitches here and there, I enjoyed it a lot. All of the admins especially @roy runs the app very well. You can chat when there is and is not a game going on. Everyone is usually kind and treats everyone with respect. I would highly recommend you to play this next year.
@derek-jeta-re2pect on Oct 30, 2014 for version 5.4.1
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Great App! I love all the spammers on it. It gives the app a nice touch that other apps don't have. I also love the muting system I've been muted 20+ times and they've all been 24 hour mutings! If you like spamming and trolling, and baseball, then this app is for you!
Mlb123456789 on Oct 23, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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Love the app!!!
It is soooo fun and if I can't watch the game on TV I can follow the game on here!
? Jr...? on Oct 13, 2014 for version 5.4.1
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Preplay Is The Bomb!
There are many fun things you can do on this app. You can enjoy talking with other people about how your team is doing or any random thing to get to know them, and you can prove to everyone who the best predictor really is. The only problems are some people don't get enough discipline for how they treat other users. There are some glitches. Overall I recommend this app to anyone who is bored and seeks something fun and interesting. GO YANKEES, RE2PECT DEREK JETER! Follow me!
Nicole-02-11 on Oct 13, 2014 for version 5.4.1
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Love this app!
This app is great! I think it is good.I use it every day to check scores of games,Pitchers,and how the games went.The only thing is when you go to see how a individual person did,and you are done looking,you press the back button and it goes back to all the scores, which isn't good and I think it should go back to how everyone did In that game.
Aly Raisman lover on Oct 5, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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The best!
So much fun if you love baseball! Highly addictive - prepare for October withdrawals -
College2045 on Aug 26, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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I absolutely love this app and especially the chat feature so you have something to do while you wait to see if you are right.
Ccritic5173 on Aug 7, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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Makes watching baseball less boring
You can't predict baseball, and this app proves it. Download now.
Trevorton on Aug 7, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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Great App, Though Changes Need
I think this app is great. It's fun and excited and keeps you interested in the game nonstop, it makes every at bat important. And the want to achieve greatness and have millions of points in the app is real! But remember the days when buying multipliers didn't exist? I think the whole idea of earning tickets great. Using them to buy staff and shields is good! But multipliers? It almost seems unfair to the new players. I've been playing a lot lately and I've noticed the same people are winning the games with the most points. That of course gives them 5,000 extra tickets to spend on more multipliers and rise to the top over and over and over. This didn't happen when multipliers were EARNED from streaks. Now streaks mean almost nothing. It's all about points and buying multipliers to win the games. I'm not writing a review because I feel I'm being cheated out in this game, I'm writing it because I feel for this reason of the multipliers being bought, it drives newcomers away from the app. In fact, it almost makes it easier for me to win sometimes because it leads to less competition. It makes it hard for people to start with nothing. It doesn't provide instant gratification as many people desire in today's world. It's not going to allow you guys to because a power house app that every baseball fan sees as a must have. So yes, while some changes have been great for the app, others are potential app killer features. Another thing I would love to see would be wagers on head to head matchups. Leave the minimum at 250 to put in, but allow wagers of tickets to be made. Then take the lower wager from both players and the winner takes 3 times that amount. So if one guy wagers 7,000 tickets and the other wagers 5,000, both would wager 5,000 and the winner would get 15,000. You could also put a cap on this or have the winner win a variable about (as the amount increases, the winner wins maybe just 2x the wager, this keeps your company from giving up tickets). Or if one wagered 1,000 and the other wagered just 250, both would wager 250 and the winner would take 750. Just a thought. I hope my review is taken into consideration and thank you for your time.
jjjjjjjjkkkkkkkk on Aug 7, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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