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Major issue needs to be fixed
So first of all major props, this is an awesome app, way better than penultimate which I had been using for months. I have used this one for almost a month now, and i love it, my notes look great and i can even draw with it and shade. I'm a Berkeley student and I use it to take notes every day. I love all the colors and the brushes and it looks way better than penultimate. However there is a MAJOR issue that MUST be addressed. Many of my files have disappeared even after I saved them multiple times. In my opinion you can have the greatest app in the world but if it deletes your files it is COMPLETELY USELESS! I need the notes to study for tests, it feels like every day there is another random page that has gone blank from one of my notebooks. This is AFTER SAVING!!!! This is completely unacceptable. I emailed the company and they said it saved automatically in the new version, that does not help since files are lost even after saving, even after days of being saved. Again, this is completely random. Also, sometimes when you press the save button the whole page goes blank which totally ruins the point, obviously. So, most of the time I am completely pissed at the app and loosing important information so it only gets two stars. But make it reliable and it gets five, promise. Other things that could be fixed or improved on are allowing the app to rotate with the iPad. I would like to write with the iPad upside down so that I do not rest my hand on the home button and accidentally press it, this also erases the whole page. If it could be used in landscape and have the page be bigger that would be great too but I know that's slightly harder. Also, there should be an option to make the writing consistent as opposed to having it change thickness depending how fast you write. This just makes the writing look terrible and harder to read, I know it might be cool for drawing but you should be able to turn that off. Also, if the palm rest could move freely that would be great since if I want to write or draw in landscape the palm rest is useless with its current limitations. Also when you paste using the navigator you should be able to choose if you want it to paste behind or infront of the writting thats there. All in all, this really is an awesome app it just has some major issues which absolutely need to get fixed ASAP.
Everythingistakenalready on Jan 31, 2012 for NoteLedge Premium
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A very good writing tool
Makes creativity easy. Feels intuitive - switching from text to handwriting + the opportunity to add photos. PLUS it's designed like a keepsake. I highly recommend it. AC
Sashnic1 on Jan 31, 2012 for NoteLedge Premium
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Add landscape mode for another star
I am so impressed with this new addition to the notetaking apps on the iPad (I own pretty much all of the big names and many, many of the lesser knowns. I'm a little addicted to these apps). First, the handwriting is smooth as can be. I love that the palm shelf can just be freely moved around the screen, instead of jutting up from the bottom. The stickers or stamps or whatnots are a plus to my creative side. All in all, this is a notetaking app that I would seriously consider using if there were a few more paper options and landscape mode. Landscape mode is the dealbreaker for me. But, I will keep it around to play with and to see if this gets added since this is such a new app. I'm sure there are about a million features I am forgetting to mention that I liked, but I used it this morning and then forgot to write this until now. P.S. I made my mother a lovely card in part using this app, which she really liked and is printing out to keep.
Cassie36 on Jan 31, 2012 for NoteLedge Premium
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Love this app
Its awesome
Amanda Langendorf on Jan 28, 2012 for NoteLedge Premium
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One of the best apps.
Sicapu on Jan 26, 2012 for NoteLedge Premium
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Awesome app!
I've been tested several apps like that (Notability, Penultimate, Studio Basic, Inknotes etc.) and I must say this one is absolutely innovator. In fact, it is a mixture of diary and note/scratch book. First of all, the interface is simply gorgeous, with leather and cork applications. The "Help" functions is very well made. Easy to understand and beautiful. "Fullscreen" mode makes easy to see the notes. "Palm rest" is a simply genial idea. It works better when I disabled "multigesture tasks" on iPad settings. "Size" and "Opacity" option is similar to Photoshop brushes... I really liked it. "Media" options is stunning! "Photos" has cut and filters (!!). "Text" has font/size/color options. "Templates" are awesome too. Handwriting recognition is good. Not perfect, but good. Maybe a "PEN" mode (and not just "Pencil") should be created beyond that five already exist. An "Export as .pdf" will be very welcome for futures updates. Worth the price? Absolutely! I downloaded the lite version and less than 5 minutes later I bought the full version. This app is beautiful, well made and innovator. And with an off-sale it is a must-have app indeed. ;)
hiroshi.rio on Jan 20, 2012 for NoteLedge Premium
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