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Alarm times still off when changing time zones
See post of same title by other reviewer from Sep 2014. Agree 110% with that author. The problem still exists!
CharPatton on May 17, 2015 for version 2.5.1
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Old version was better
Frequently shows the wrong time, it's been over 15 minutes wrong before. The old version was much better.
ChelseaSkinByrd on Apr 30, 2015 for version 2.5.1
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good so far no twine needed
just click x in upper left to close Twine. not required.
spdycar on Feb 23, 2015 for version 2.5.1
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Loved the first version..totally bummed its not supported anymore since I used it daily. Forked over more $ for this version and it's extremely buggy... Screen fails to rotate sometimes.. Always logs me into game enter which is annoying... I just needed a clock for crimes sake.
wizardinblack on Nov 24, 2014 for version 2.5.1
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Needs bug fixes
Just updated from a previous version. Some digits don't adjust between portrait and landscape. Worse, I watched the time go from 5:49 to 5:40 this morning. Not much purpose in a clock that does not tell correct time. Please fix to give me what I paid for.
Loroazul on Nov 19, 2014 for version 2.5.1
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This version stinks
The new version not only requires you to buy clock faces that originally were free, on first load it blocks execution until you download some garbage app "Twine". This is pure highway roBbery, not fit for the app. Store! I was bilked!!!
Bill Dey on Nov 12, 2014 for version 2.5.1
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Newer version - pay again…..
Don’t appreciate owning the earlier version and now having no support for it. It has stopped loading and now I need to pay to get this version - not very customer friendly!!!! First version worked well enough I am giving the benefit of the doubt and another try….
Sunny0808 on Oct 15, 2014 for version 2.5.1
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Fair At Best
I liked the old version of Nightstand HD. I didn't appreciate having to pay another fee for this version I use the LCD version The pink color on this one is not as vibrant as the old one . You could create your old color Also the math questions to turn off the alarm are annoying
pghbetsy on Oct 7, 2014 for version 2.5.1
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Alarm times still off when changing time zones
This application continues to be problematic if you want to re-use an alarm set in one time zone, then travel to another time zone. The alarm time appears to be off based on the difference between those zones. If you remember to delete the alarm and set a new one, I think it works, but this has become so unpredictable that I've stopped relying on it. I reported this directly to developers many months ago, but it's still not fixed. Recommend not using this app until this problem is addressed. Update: Tried the latest version on a recent trip, and this problem still exists. I reused an existing alarm that was set in one time zone but used in another, and the alarm failed to go off as expected. Not sure why this hasn't been addressed yet. (I fortunately used the built in alarm as a backup, which worked.)
yawitz on Sep 1, 2014 for version 2.5.1
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Daylight savings time
Seems that alarms hold their actual time after the daylight savings time. My alarm for 7 am set during standard time now goes off at 8am during daylight savings. (Spring time change goes ahead 1 hour) This is an annoying bug since I have to delete and add alarms twice a year. I'm about to just drop the app due to lack of improvements and features.
mercerch78 on Mar 12, 2014 for version 2.4
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