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Zero stars if possible
Terrible I want to be able to look at the game stats it's so stupid. Who ever made this app is retarded.
D. U. D. D. E. on Sep 1, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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No good
All right I wasn't going to write a review and actually give the NFL benefit of the doubt, but I had to say something. First of all, you need to stop lying to your paying customers. I hope someone files a lawsuit soon. You can't tout an app to watch live preseason games when there is NO app! Or no feeds to watch for that matter. Where's the connected devices? Where is the "hide scores" button?! I don't understand with all the money you slackers get, that you can't even code a decent app. Why can't you just keep the same app as last year? Secondly,...... I don't even know where to start. No way to turn off scores (although it's advertised), terrible app design, too many ads, the list goes on. I wasn't mad, but now I am. Fix this crap or I'll be DEMANDING my money back! You don't entice your customers then lock them in so you can auto withdraw money, and deliver an inferior product!! I remember last year your streams took forever to become available. I'm hoping that got worked out this year and you stay on point with your schedules. Last year was also terrible for accessing the videos. It seemed like it would buffer way too much and drop quality often. THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN!! I promise you it's not on my end. Especially not 2 years in a row! HIDE THE DAM SCORES!! You get paid all this money and can't code a simple app?!
Muzikasaweapon on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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Waste of an opportunity
How cool would it have been if the No Fun League had offered a live game pass option. As it stands, watching a game after it is played is just this side of worthless. We've cut cable and I was really hoping the NFL would join the 21st century and offer this like other, more civilized leagues, but no. Very disappointed. Deleting the app.
matttheorbiter on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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App stopped working
I was watching a replay of a football game and the stream did not have a problem loading. Now the app won't open any replay of any games. FIX THIS NOW!
Edgmoren1 on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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- Frequent "cocoa errors" that prevent you from watching games all together - Unable to hide scores - Unable to download for offline viewing (I catch up on games while flying) - I'm continuously being asked to re-sign in - No longer able to glance at stats below the game you are watching - Buggy, in fact, it is by far the buggiest app I use. And also happens to be the app I pay most to use (Umm?) In conclusion, your development team seems entirely unresponsive and apathetic which makes all these issues all that more disappointing.
BOOTOO! on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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Doesn't even allow me to log into my tv provider.
TasteOfScarlet on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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Please fix.
This app is hopeless. It's slow, too many ads, and needs more features and functions.
Bballer2002 on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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Terrible Content
One would think that with the "official" app of the NFL there would be more team-related content. I can't view rosters or detailed team stats. At least with the previous version I could research team rosters. The "team related news" is awful and not relevant to the team at all. NFL should take a lesson from MLB. Just when you think the NFL couldn't get any worse, it does! They have a terrible product on the field, and a horrendous product off. I want to see rosters, depth charts, and news about each team that is specific to that team. The MLB app does all of that and more. I want to be able to click on a given player and see his stats, lifetime and current season. His bio and other relevant information.
'Natti Kid on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.1
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Not for the sports fan
I wanted to find schedules for my two favorite teams: the Vikings and Chargers. Good luck! Seems like all the app has are videos and news stories. Why use the app if I can follow my team on Twitter and the ESPN app? Waste of time.
Mons4birdie on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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No in game stats
Love old version of this app. When they redesigned the app, they took out the in game stats and rosters. Also, used to be able to look at old stories you may have missed and now they clear the older ones as new ones come out. Very disappointed in the current set up. I use yahoo sports now, let's you look at the in game stats.
Baker1984 on Aug 31, 2015 for version 12.1.2
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