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Stopped working
I can no longer log in on the iPad or phone. API must be borked. Very unprofessional - it's been broken for some time now.
Yayaxchg on Sep 28, 2013 for Nest app
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Update 09/27/13 Lot of people are complaining you can't adjust the temp using up or down arrows anymore and you must do it in a twist dial fashion. The ability to adjust the temp via up down arrows is still there, the arrows are just gone. Tap above or below the current set temp and you will see it will adjust accordingly. -------- Wow, how cool is this? With that being said. There could be better use of the screen. I believe there's supposed to be the current weather theme in the background, but I can't really tell. It's very bland, but simple. Suggestions: -integrated weather forecast -Nest at a glance should be on the main screen as well or easier/quicker to access -a lot of unused area, improve on main screen and more obvious weather background. -energy, schedule, settings should be available in portrait mode as well.
Mikee1717 on Sep 28, 2013 for Nest app
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Need to update for iOS 7
You can't turn the iPhone sideways anymore to switch from heat to cool or any other selection.
PAZipster on Sep 24, 2013 for Nest app
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I love Nest!
This app works great - I love that I can adjust the temp from anywhere.
TheSMyLy1 on Sep 21, 2013 for Nest app
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love it
winter is coming, we need this app. personally I love it.
Apple Cheeks Pickle on Sep 16, 2013 for Nest app
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Love my Nest, but not the app!
Please update the app more frequently! We're begging you in the reviews. +There are a lot of issues with iOS 7! Please update soon; preferably with the d@#^ temp arrows back!!+ + The removal of the arrows to turn the temp up and down was just ridiculous. It was not cluttered or unnecessary. Now when I click up and down it jumps around randomly; sometimes up 5 degrees or down 2, then up 3. You can also drag on the ring but that's virtually impossible unless you like to set your temperature +-20 degrees at a time. I never had any accuracy issues with the arrows and I've used this app since April '12. As many others are stated, you can still tap the middle of the circle up for higher and down for lower, but this is not my problem. It's sometimes reversed (often!), sometimes non functional, sometimes random up and down in the same tap, and sometimes magical pony unicorn doing whatever it wants. I never had any accuracy issues with the arrows, ever! + The turning sideways thing for the app is HORRIBLE. It's seriously the worst thing about this app hands down. There isn't a single reason the app can't be designed for both modes, excluding the scheduling and history portion. Even that, however, can be worked around with a good enough design. This current layout is just pitiful though. Compared to the simple elegance of the Nest itself, this app is like a rats nest of requirements. Flip this, click there, look here, scroll down, click again, flip upside down backwards somersault orangoutang. Or something. Just make a new design already!(!!!) + The weather outside could be updated more frequently and/or more accurate. It's not too bad in my area actually, but it could always be better. Perhaps it could even show a basic summary of the days weather when clicked. The source would also be nice. Please get The Weather Channel to provide the data if its not already, and let us set a more accurate location than just zip. You could even notify us of bad weather and suggest changing the temp a degree or two to save some $$. Most places don't have Rush Hour compatibility yet anyway. + As another reviewer said, it would be nice to get notifications when the Nest goes into Auto Away or other modes. Yes, it may be a lot of notifications for some, so they should be off by default, but by gum (or whatever old people say) I want it! My bf and I also want better Auto Away. We work from home and it frequently goes away even though we are walking by it. We also don't want to disable it because when we do leave we forget to set it to Away. It's a lose lose either way. There should be an "always on between X and Y" time setting in conjunction with Auto Away. Best of both worlds. As for the unit itself, it does not always come out of Auto Away when we walk by anymore. I have to push the screen to start it, even though it lit up and clearly sees me. Perhaps it is just not clear enough on what it's thinking or how long it will take do its mojo thang. + There should also be more easily shareable info about the months usage and etc in with multiple people in the home. I really wish I could get the monthly email update with my bf instead of one or the other. You could also work in monthly overviews or summaries in the app. The daily history breakdown is far too limited and hard to read on an iPhone, and barely better on the iPad. A whole redesign could fix that. Also, a sharing button for Facebook so we can advertise our savings to our friends! All in all, this app isn't bad. It's just hobbled by debilitating design. I am all for simplicity, but at some point it will just be a blank white screen we randomly stab at and pray. Bring back the arrows. People don't understand to tap up and down without them. It's infuriating to try and use the ring; it should be disable-able to prevent unintentional massive temperature spikes. It seems like the design team isn't using this app on a very daily basis on an iPhone 4S. It's not good! I love my Nest and unabashedly endorse it with everyone I know. I only wish I could say the same thing about the app! Update and I will update my review accordingly!
djdisconess on Sep 10, 2013 for Nest app
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