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Great app!
I downloaded both the iPhone and iPad apps and both work flawlessly. I don't agree with those who complain about needing to turn the device sideways in order to access additional info, as many apps function like this including the calculator app that comes with the iPhone. This keeps the interface clean and simple for basic operation yet still easily allows users access to additional functionality if needed. I don't want a clunky, cluttered interface! I like that it shows the weather and also whether or not it thinks I'm home (since it's still learning my routines and I'm compulsively checking to see what it thinks, lol).
TinkyBo on Feb 18, 2013 for Nest app
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Works flawlessly for me
I haven't had any of the issues other users have complained of. I have only one thermostat so multi-use is not an issue. Every now and then it says it can't connect to the network, but if I try again it always works. It takes seconds after I adjust the temp with the app for the furnace to kick on. As far as the accuracy of the temperature and/or the scheduling issues, any of those have to do with the unit, not the app. I would rather control the unit from the app because its so much more convenient, and easy to adjust the schedule.
JellyEllieBellyBean on Feb 15, 2013 for Nest app
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Good thermostat, but a unintelligent app
1) On my app do not make me change my orientation to get info. I want to view it my way. Lets look into scaling for this app. 2) I have the heat and cool option. But why not a cool and heat option. If wanted to control this unit like a hotel I would set the cool to say 78 and heat to 65. As a person who is looking into this for a rent house that I pay the heating and cooling on. I would like to set it higher/lower so I can save money. 3) I would like to have the option of variable fan control. Only when the unit is not actively heating or cooling. I don't know if it is possible but it would be a great feature. 4) I would like to change the style of how my nest displays information. In the center I would prefer to see the "actual" temperature and not the cycle/mode it's on. You could make the cycle/mode smaller and below the temp. Rather than making me hunt for it on the dial and, even then most times I do not have it listed on the dial. That is frustrating. A $250 unit and I have to go to the technical info to see the temp. 4.5) A possible solution to this is skinning. You can let us design it on your website the upload it to our nest system. Custom color options or even backgrounds would be nice. This would be an awesome feature. And unique. 5) MOST IMPORTANTLY! I need the option to change what the nest reads as the "actual" temp. I have put three digital thermometers and two analog readers around the nest unit. Each one agrees that the nest unit is 4-6 degrees higher on its temp. I know your box says not all thermostats are made equal. However on other "smart" thermostats there is an option to change that. Why not here? In summation the nest unit has a lot of potential. However it needs more features to accommodate all the potential customers needs. I believe I have hit on a few. I would recommend this to others, it is a good system. But I would like to tell everyone it's a great system after some tweaks/changes are made I believe I could say it's great.
Lighttrek on Feb 15, 2013 for Nest app
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Needs more peripheral options
My thermostat is in a remote area of the house which does not allow the algorithms to work to their full potential. Also I have one thermostat for a two floor condo (upstairs). The downstairs is always freezing because the nest judges it's temperature by the upstairs instead of downstairs. What I would like to see nest come out with is an extender of sorts that you can plop on the wall say downstairs in my case. This would accomplish two things: 1) would allow my nest to know when I am home or not (and thus talk to main unit) 2) would allow me to tell my nest to care about the temperature downstairs instead if upstairs (make sense?) Thanks for listening!
Brutus IV on Feb 14, 2013 for Nest app
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Needs Intermittent Fan Option
The is just about perfect in every way. So much improved over our last Smart Thermostat that comparison means little. Easy to read. Intuitive. Precise. Detailed history of energy use day-by-day and hour-by-hour if I want it. I could go on. And all of this is controlled from my iPhone (or iPad) from my car on the Interstate or a Mediterranean cruise liner! How cool is that? But we need an intermittent fan setting so we can filter the air throughout the day without manually turning the fan on and off (which Nest does permit). And it occurs to me that such a feature is a trivial exercise for the Nest firmware and software. How complicated can it be to add a timer to the Fan-On controller with 25% 50% 75% options? Come on guys! Let's see it in the next release!
prinzwitte on Feb 13, 2013 for Nest app
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Hot Product
I'm a DIY person and found I was able to install the t-stat, connect it to WiFi, download this app, and start heating my house in 30 minutes. Programming a schedule through the app took just about as long but much of that time was due to my indecisiveness in deciding what time and temperature I wanted the t-stat to function at. The t-stat, iPhone app, and web interface all work as advertised. Now the device looks so cool ❄it looks and feels like it should be able to do everything my smartphone does. Simply it adjusts the temp from anywhere I have a signal. I really appreciate the ability to put the tStat in away mode, leave for the weekend, and restart the furnace a few hours before getting home. I installed the Nest in my house less than 30 days ago and am patiently waiting for the end if the month to see the energy report that Nest says will be emailed to me at the end of the month. One feature I would like to see is the ability to see the energy report and usage stats through the web portal/app anytime I want.
HINERMAK on Feb 13, 2013 for Nest app
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