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Empty nest
App seems easy to navigate but could be easier. "At a glance" could and should be able to be seen on the home screen when app opens up. A lot of open space to show more. Over all Ok but could use a little improving.
😀😀😀😀 on Sep 1, 2013 for Nest app
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No Control in Auto Away
As of recently, my Nest can not be controlled remotely when I forget to put it in 'Away' mode. Only after I walk up to the unit and it sees that I am home, I can then remotely control my Nest. It seems like an easy fix, only if Nest is willing to spend the time and brain power to fix it. I also agree with the negative comments revolving around the removal of the arrows - why would you think that they should be removed?! I say to bring those back... Lastly, the ability to put the Nest into Away mode without turning my Iphone on its side is absolutely the easiest thing to change. I think that would be a nice place to start!!!!
Nickolas Ryan Wolfe on Aug 30, 2013 for Nest app
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Great app, but...
Shouldn't have to turn my phone sideways to get to more than half the features. I normally keep my phone locked on portrait and its so annoying have to unlock it just to use important features like changing home to away.
bmfrantz57 on Aug 30, 2013 for Nest app
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Ruined the app, no fix for MONTHS
UPDATE: Lowered to ONE STAR for ruining this app, not reading their own reviews, and not fixing the app for MONTHS. Nest, you ruined a good thing. :( What used to be a great app is now frustrating. Why they removed the up and down temp control arrows/buttons beats me. You are supposed to still be able to tap up and down, but when you do the temp often goes the opposite direction. How annoying is it to turn AC on instead of heat as a result? It's as if you hit the break on your car and it accelerated instead. First major misstep for Nest. A shame. Where is the fix for this dumb move??? We are suffering, waiting.
MountainCat23 on Aug 28, 2013 for Nest app
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Absolutely love Nest!
Great app! Intelligent yet simple. Fun to use and certainly can save you money and make you more conscious of your energy usage and how to save. I loved setting it up and managing it to our specific comfort levels etc. Of the best hardware/software marriages I've seen.
ajglinski on Aug 26, 2013 for Nest app
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Locking thermostat/history view issues
I usually...actually NEVER write reviews but I care enough about this to do so. I don't have a problem with my NEST device itself, it does all I want it to do & pretty well I might add, it locks the way I like, goes away when needed, follows the schedule I set for it...it's a champ in my book! The app on the other hand... A couple of issues I am really starting to have with the app. I would LOVE to view the current day audit/history of any activity within the app or thermostat to see when temperatures were changed. Also with the history display, I would like to see a better way of dictating who the change was made by. When I create a schedule & a temp change is made the audit will show the name of my device therefore I know it CAN...would really love for it to show the name of the device for any manual adjustments within the app or on the physical thermostat since the all have names. There's no point in learning someone's name just to refer to them as "hey you" correct? I would like to see the same with our history audits, there's no point in naming things if they won't show in the audits. Another thing, the password protection on the thermostat itself, I'm fine with that. I'm fine with the 5 degree of range permission, that's all just great...however...this password does not carry on through the app. Anyone with the app can make changes to the temperature & bypass the password prompt. In today's world where more & more people have the Internet & smart devices it's possible more than one person may have access to the app/website for their thermostat & may attempt to adjust the temperature there just because they can...and with this password bypass they can change it as freely as they want with no restriction at all. I feel that is a direct flaw in the setup, I realize the password is a device lock now...we should be given a temperature lock however since that's what we're actually locking on the device. I'm not disappointed with the app completely, I feel the app has a lot of potential & hopefully will live up to it. For that reason I will give 3 stars for now. Let me control my NEST the way I would like & it would easily be worth 5 stars for me JUST because of the control I would have over my great thermostat.
C Money 88 05 on Aug 21, 2013 for Nest app
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