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it's pretty good
I've used tons of apps, & I've got to say... this one is the best!
Hallie5060 on Jan 11, 2015 for version 5.2.0
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Good app.
Dan man Sam flam on Jul 16, 2014 for version 5.1.3
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Great app!!!
This app is awesome, only one thing they should add! To split pics!!! :) other than that 5 stars....
Bubblesblue on May 7, 2014 for version 5.1.1
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Class A app
I had Montage open for all of two minutes and decided I love it. Then I dealt with the dev... The app is top notch. Its flexibility and simplicity make it instantly useful. But don't stop at mashing a couple pictures together. Dig a bit and you will be rewarded. Montage is replacing nearly all my other photo/art apps. I contacted the dev with my wish list and he responded quickly, giving me a detailed account of what to expect. Then he contacted me again to let me know Apple had approved some of my wish list items. All within about 48 hours. Spectacular functionality+spectacular support=WIN! Montage comes highly recommended.
~D!no on Apr 24, 2014 for version 5.1.2
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Great app for photo editing
I realy like this app, a must have
vernamm on Apr 21, 2014 for version 5.1.1
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Works great
Having no problems at all with this app. I've been using it for 25 minutes now with no crashes or shutdowns. Using it on an iPad Air 32 GB. Menus and layering work fine after you get used to where all the settings are.
proveau on Apr 20, 2014 for version 5.1.1
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Almost got it!
This was my favorite app ever. It was smooth, quick, high quality output, and simple to use. It's on it's way back!
AppForThat on Feb 11, 2014 for version 5.1.1
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Awesome app
Ericcrocks on Dec 30, 2013 for version 5.0.2
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Almost Perfect
First, let's be clear: for anyone who is remotely familiar with this app and used it with any regularity, this is the most well balanced, full featured update that it's ever had. Period. When the developer says that it's been "rewritten from scratch for iOS7," please believe him, because it shows. When he says "no features were dropped...many have been relocated," it may mean you might have to spend some time actually exploring the new workspace before firing off a bunch of glib, whiney, "OMG!! I ca---a-a-a--n't--fi--i-i-i--nd it" reviews. I've used this app since 2009 and came across it after a previous app I was using, simply called "Collage," proved to have disappointing export resolutions. Montage has always delivered on this front and continues to excel by now giving you the ability to export ANY part of your compositions at resolutions up to 4096 x4096, so I'm not sure why the previous reviewer is having difficulty. The options for output are all there, very plainly under a menu item called, surprisingly, "Share." There you will find a wide variety of preset pixel dims and also the ability to enter a custom size, located under-you guessed it-"Custom." One of the things that kept me using the previous app "Collage" I mentioned, in spite of its poor output, was that its interface was simple and straightforward. You tapped on bits of your collage and were able to move them. With this update, I'm happy to see this feature included in Montage finally. Double tapping an item is the same as Photoshop's "Auto Select Layer" option and gives you instant access to moving and resizing objects. The option to use the arrows to cycle through layers is still present if needed, though this has always seemed a little awkward to me. There's also the addition of three finger panning around the composition instead of constantly switching to the "Canvas" tool. There's an improved import workflow which bypasses the whole set of selection tools you were presented with in the previous version, and now just lets you bring in images and make selections later. A new set of filters has been introduced that allows a wide range of basic color adjustments, along with a few interesting screening effects. Blending modes are now available, though some are sort of cryptic as to their functions, working more like Illustrator's "Minus Front"/"Minus Back" commands than the full range one may usually associate with Photoshop's array. Finally, the ability to use text as shapes is not only introduced, but widely supported, giving you access to tons of glyph shapes in each font family. These are some of what I would say are the main improvements straight away that I noticed. There are a few things that could be improved further: most notably there's no Undo and also the freeform selection tool. Having no Undo in an app like this (unless I've missed it somewhere), to me, is almost a conscious decision. Not one that I like necessarily, but i get it. The poor options for making a clean freeform selection, however, are a little tougher to understand at this point. I should say though, there's an app called "Juxtaposer" that allows very fine control over developing selections (comparable to working with brushes on a layer mask in Photoshop), and then saving them as PNG files, which Montage then supports. So it's possible to create really clean extractions in this way, and then import them for enhanced layering and manipulation. All in all, though, everything feels great about this update. Using the newest iOS 7 and iPhone 5S combination, it really feels fast and responsive. Please don't be put off by the generic icon and kind of crappy screenshots, they don't do the app justice (though they do illustrate the limitations of the app's freeform selection tool perfectly). I would recommend this highly to anyone looking for a serious graphic tool to do digital equivalents of photo based collages. If you think old school, magazine collage, and less Photoshop feathered edge compositing (though there's a lot of Photoshop in here) you won't be disappointed.
hand drawn on Dec 18, 2013 for version 5.0.0
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Best Photography App⭐
I have purchased so many photography and picture apps, this has to be my favorite out of all. It gives me the white border around my photos easily. Since I have a DSLR I have to go through this app before I put filters or edit my photos because the megabyte capacity has exceeded the file size. This app makes the file size smaller which I LOVE!!! Which is another reason I love it. Highly recommend this app😍👍
Arianaheart on Aug 20, 2013 for version 3.6
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