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Bad Watch on Sep 17, 2011 for MoDrum
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wa.....I NEED it
baobaofox on Sep 16, 2011 for MoDrum
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Another OK app waiting to become great
Modrum has many strengths and of those strengths, modrum does them very well... better than most others. But, where it lacks is perhaps the most important components of my music making process. What I love is the way modrum handles MIDI and playing audio in the background of other audio apps. However, modrum is mainly a brainstorming tool because of the details (and for me they are not minor details). For one, the BPM's max out at 200 BPM's (even though Bassline has a max of 240 BPM's... Which is still way too low for my purposes), the BPMs need to go up to at least 300 before I can even begin to work somewhat normally. But really I work in the 600-700BPM range normally. Modrum should seriously match the BPM capacity of this developers other app Bassline. 32 notes per measure is not great either... Needs to be at least 64 notes per measure with the BPMs being what they are. The drive is very crisp and clear sounding, and I am very impressed with the drive in general. But the individual instruments have little control over parameters. The best instrument is the bass drum, but the hi's are very disappointing. What I would really like to see is more parameters for controlling sound on all instruments... And even better, the ability for users to load samples and then tweak them. This app might seem good to users who use loops in their tracks, for me this is a brainstorming/jam tool. I just can't see using the loops produced within modrum for final mixes. Really this app makes most sense for people who already have Bassline and need drums playing while bassline is running. An ideal solution, along with my other considerations, would be to include modrum within bassline rather than buying 2 separate apps to complete anything. I don't really honestly think this is worth 2$ with it's current feature set, but I could see this app evolving to something great. The idea is great and the foundation is great, it's just some of the details that need to be fixed to make me happy with this app.
Obis11 on Apr 3, 2011 for MoDrum
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if i push a button it crashes. thanks for nothing. its so crazy that the process developers have to go through to get an app approved yet so many of them crash on a regular basis. im speechless
Turbotim3 on Apr 3, 2011 for MoDrum
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Neat Approach, but...
Very limited sounds. Would also be great if you could export MIDI files. For now, if you already own Electribe, this is its very young, upstart sibling, and you should get it while it is on sale. The devs certainly have a point of view worth supporting. You probably will download, run through the presets, and go back to Nanoloop. But - here's hoping my $2 is joined by lots of other $2 and the devs are motivated to continue working on this. I look forward to future releases with more access to the synthesis the description touts. Some ideas: - beat repeat / randomness - swing - export to midi (tracks, all tracks) - more useful editable parameters, filters, etc to shape the drum sound - ability to drag finger across pattern editor to do rolls, trills - velocity - global effects (delay, reverb, - the usual suspects)
robwest on Apr 3, 2011 for MoDrum
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Being able to sync apps together with CoreMidi on the iPad is priceless. Thank you for introducing this feature in your apps, and I hope other apps follow in these steps.
SevenStarGod on Mar 19, 2011 for MoDrum
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