MegaCurtis FREE: Not What I Paid For Review

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Not What I Paid For
I want Curtis Heavy back. I already bought Mega Curtis. Please give us back the old app we bought.
cykranosh on Aug 2, 2012 for MegaCurtis FREE
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Where is the app I paid for?
I paid for Curtis Heavy, now it upgrades to this thing that's 'free'? Its got an ugly interface, and even though I paid I have to pay again to upgrade? As they took away Curtis Heavy i would give them a zero if I could. Don't bother with these guys, they clearly don't care about their customers.
Andy Logan on May 12, 2012 for MegaCurtis FREE
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Why overwrite Curtis Heavy?
If it's "free" why did it overwrite the paid version of Curtis. That makes no sense. If it had all the same functionality and was now free or had added features that would make sense. Bring back Curtis Heavy and I'll happily give this 5 stars. I really want Curtis Heavy which I paid for and Curtis Mega Free. This "update" is listed incorrectly. If it is going to update Curtis Heavy it should say so cleary.
pushtobreak on May 4, 2012 for MegaCurtis FREE
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Why did they change the whole app?
And to upgrade it is five bux?? No way. A buck maybe as it seems most of the pro reviews said they paid a buck...nowhere near a five dollar app... Sorry.. I used to like this app.. Now I have a very bad taste in my mouth for Strange Agency...
Eve Severe on May 3, 2012 for MegaCurtis FREE
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Beware!!! Overwrites Curtis Heavy!
If you paid for Curtis Heavy, this app will overwrite it. Be aware of this, if you like what you originally had! The Strange Agency should do better. If you read this . . . c'mon, guys. This is not the way to treat customers who have paid for something that they use. Replacing it with a crippled "version?" Developers really should improve their model. This is a prime example of the way NOT to do things, and how to ruin a useful application.
McMugwump on Jun 7, 2012 for MegaCurtis FREE
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Already own MegaCurtis and it's an interesting app worth having, but not happy that the AppStore has allowed SA to overwrite an app here like the original Curtis with a freeware version of something else that's so very, very different. It's the equivalent of purchasing a full-featured hangman game only to wake and find the developer has swapped it out on my device for a less than full-featured crossword puzzle app. To top it off, they do all this after I've already purchased the 'crossword' app. It's like going from having two complete apps on my device to 1 1/2...more likely 1 after deleting this freeware thing that's now redundant. Not sure why this new MegaCurtis Free couldn't exist alongside the original Curtis in the AppStore. While MegaCurtis has a lot of great features, there was something nice about the simplicity of the prior Curtis. Preferred having both on my device. Makes me a little hesitant to buy more Strange Agency apps. While they're always very interesting and make really creative use of sound, they're also not usually very cheap and I wouldn't want to wake again to find something I've paid for has morphed into something completely different.
CAS3000 on May 7, 2012 for MegaCurtis FREE
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