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Fun math game
This is a fun math game for all ages, and looks and plays great. You basically create a player, choose a rocket body and then start playing math games to earn money to modify your rocket body. You can spend money on additional rockets/engines, boosters, fins, fun add-ons and decorations. This really personalizes your rocket. You do need to add rockets/engines and boosters to your rocket body be launchable. Once you launch, you play different math "missions" as you reach space. The missions are fun, and there is a nice variety of math difficulty levels for each mission, and with the ability to make new rockets, this game is really replayable. One suggestion is to walk the new player through the interface a bit more to help understand the various options, though playing around with it enough, you'll figure it out. Great, fun, educational game.
Secondtime on Dec 11, 2010 for Mathmateer
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Well done (again)!
I got this game based on nothing but my high respect for the "Stack the States" game. Still with no reviews out when I purchased it, I knew it was a gamble...I just had no idea how big the payoff was going to be!! My third-grade son cannot get enough of it! It is currently the carrot we are using when he does other things we ask of him. Then my wife and I sit back and chuckle to ourselves as he has a ball "playing" with math!! Overall, the game is genius: solid concept, fun, easy to play, educational (without feeling to "teach-y"), slick design, good physics, and an absolute hit at my house!
JDbjam on Dec 6, 2010 for Mathmateer
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My son has mastered math...
Thanks to this fantastic app, my seven year old son has found his learning tool of choice. Being a home schooled kiddo, we implement tons of fun and tactile ways of introducing concepts to him. This app by far has superseded all of the others we've purchased so far, since applying the iPad to his studies. His enthusiasm is amazing and with the polished graphics and audio I myself am impressed with what the developers have done for the homeschooling community! The way he jumps right into the problems with ease, unlike some more complicated apps, not only makes learning fun for him but also encourages him to explore more difficult lessons; while allowing him the incentive of earning money for improving his rocket. Don't give it a second thought, rocket math is for anyone wanting a math tool that really works!
Little bookworm's mama on Dec 6, 2010 for Mathmateer
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Interesting game. Slightly confusing rocket-building but cool idea.
When creating your rocket, don't forget to add an engine (listed as rockets in the parts list). Need to go higher, just add more boosters. Keep the thrust cranked up, to go high. Not sure why you would want to reduce thrust. And make sure you really want your selected part because when you select it, it's immediately purchased. This game needs a "preview" mode so you can play with rocket designs, before you pay.
thespaciousmind on Dec 4, 2010 for Mathmateer
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Rocket Math Rocks
We played this as a family, all creating our own rockets, tonight after family dinner. It was literally a 'blast'. The kids had to do math facts to earn money to buy parts for their rocket. They were WAY motivated. Earning money for math problems = kids wanting to do lots of math problems. Graphics, sound, UI (for a 7yo) all pulled together very well. I had to do more assistance with the 5yo, but once she caught on it was no problem. Big hit, I see this as a great way to practice math facts and get the whole family in on the game.
keepsmesmiling on Dec 3, 2010 for Mathmateer
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Incredible app for a great price!,,
I love this developer (Stack the States fame)! This game has so many facets to it. The kids stay engaged in the challenge of constantly building a better rocket, which takes skill all on it's own, but also requires money. So they practice math to earn more money to build better rockets. I love that you can choose the various math challenges--from counting by ones or twos or fives, or money, or backwards, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or even square roots. There's something for preschoolers up to middle schoolers....all 6 of my kids love this app! You won't be disappointed! What an incredible value!!! Can't wait to see what this developer comes out with next!
MelissaHomeschoolMom on Dec 3, 2010 for Mathmateer
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