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Needs work
(1) The biking points/award system is plan confusing and is left unexplained in the app. The leader board is reset each month, and with each reset goes your hard earned leader spot, or awards that you earned to that point. You are simply removed from the leader board never to be seen again until you ride within the next 30 day time frame😡. This Shouldn't be the case. If a rider earns an award they should not lose it to a monthly MapMyRide leader board reset but only when the time or number of rides are beaten by another rider. The current system is liken to giving every kid who plays little league a trophy for participation 😕. This is completely unfair to those riders who give everything they have on these courses. No more participation award based leader board 👎🏾. (2) Can't individualize workouts to have specifics such as what type of exercise/sets/reps. (3) Needs a treadmill option for running indoors! (No brainer) -Long time paying Plus Member
TheOceanStaysLow on Aug 23, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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Irritating software
Too hard to share routes. Like impossible.
bandjoe on Aug 16, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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Good app
-This version is a lot faster that previous one. -Speed calculation a bit behind...
Themontubio on Aug 13, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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Spotty Reliability
Constantly wants to calibrate location. I have a very good GPS signal and never have an issue in my area with out apps like this one. Ability to post workouts to Facebook no longer works. Uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results. Searching for a better app.
MissileChicago on Aug 11, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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Horrible as of late
This app has always been basic unless you upgraded to MVP but it usually worked well. As of late is just is horrible. Doesn't work. I have split speeds not recorded or way too fast. I have a century ride you can find on the website but isn't included on my feed nor added to any of my challenges. Customer Service on these issues after reporting NONEXISTENT!!!
Bucknut0025 on Aug 11, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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Very buggy
When it works, it's a great app but it's vey buggy and customer support is a joke. Lately, all my rides say "We found no courses that were eligible for points." even tough there at least three courses on the route I take. This is very frustrating as comparing my progress on courses is one of the main reason I use his app. Facebook syncing also stinks as it doesn't work correctly at least half the time. Customer support is not responsive.
Pwykes on Aug 9, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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More consistency
When the app works, it is a good app, but lately it doesn't open or want track workouts. Today I transferred workouts from my Garmin 910xt but only two of the three transferred over. I tried to manually add the workout but once saved, it never showed up. I just don't have time to play with an app I paid extra to upgrade.
Kustang619 on Aug 9, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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I love / hate this app!
Fantastic app when it works but it too often flat out doesn't. My last run tracked my time, heart rate, and mapped my course but couldn't figure out how far I had gone! Stop spending time on new features and get the basics right.
Goatboots on Aug 7, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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Calorie counts backwards?
I have noticed that when I am riding up a pretty steep hill, the calories displayed, count BACKWARDS??? Granted my speed is slower, as it would be going up a hill, but C'Mon!
RDTemple on Jul 30, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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Hope you don’t need support...
after I upgraded to MVP membership, the app tracked heart rate monitor information 1 time. after that, the app would indicate ‘connected’, but no data would record. I sent in a support request and got an automated boilerplate list of uninstall, re-download, re-install stuff to do. when I asked how the app would remember I was an MVP member, I got total silence followed by closing the ticket in a few days. if this app doesn’t work perfectly, don’t hold your waiting for support; it won’t happen.
JPSmario on Jul 29, 2015 for version 5.12.2
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