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A little hard to read
This is a great app. Awesome for helping kiddos and families to learn scripture mastery. The app IS a little hard read, though. It would be great if the background wasn't colored with white lettering, and if the typeface was more basic (like sans serif) so that people with dyslexia, for example, could read the scripture mastery easier! Thanks!
Mom2dyslexic on Apr 24, 2015 for version 2.2
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Great concept, but missing key features
I love this app, but it is missing some features that would make it much easier to use. 1) Like many others, I would like the option to take quizzes with the scriptures "in order" so I don't have to wait until I've memorized all of them. 2) I would also like the option to take quizzes for individual verses where you have to pick the right word from a few different options. 3) Finally, I would like to be able to keep track of the ones that I've already memorized. Maybe there could be some integration with LDS.org? Overall I love this app, but these things would make it even better,
Miniorila on Apr 12, 2015 for version 2.2
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Needs a Little Improvement
I think that an improvement in the graphics of the app is needed: the powder-blue background makes it a tad difficult to use. Otherwise five stars.
Ann's Husband, Glen on Mar 16, 2015 for version 2.2
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Disappointing update
Although visually the new update is quite nice, functionally it fails to match the previous version. 1) Sliders to reveal or hide text seem intuitive, but become difficult with practice. They rely on the user to see the text as they hide it. This is problematic because of the following reason. 2) The flash cards no longer remember the level of hiding, defaulting to displaying all text. For fast readers, the text is read before memorization is tested. 3) To truly test memorization I have to tap on a scripture while looking away, then guess where the slider is, move it without looking to where I think I was at last, say the scripture, then look down and hope it doesn't reveal too much This was all so much easier with the previous version. Disappointing. I've stopped using the app.
Sparky McMuffin on Feb 21, 2015 for version 2.2
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Helpful but...
Can you please bring back support for other languages? I loved using the previous version to study scripture mastery in Portuguese. Please provide that functionality again. Five stars if you do.
Jm dough on Nov 9, 2014 for version 2.2
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Pretty good but could be better
I'm going to start by saying that I liked the old version better. One suggestion I would make is that when I make some letters and words disappears it changes the layout of the words and its hard to find my place. If you would change it so the word placement is uniform regardless if letters and words are missing. If you would thank you.
Jefferious on Nov 1, 2014 for version 2.2
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please update for 2014
it was good when it was up to date. its just not up to date. please update for 2014
Levithegamer on Oct 19, 2014 for version 2.1.1
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Almost there
I love the design of this app and I really want to use it to learn the Scripture mastery but it's missing some key features to help it feel more game like. First of all I should be able to pick which scripture mastery to study. For instance, we've only learned the first 10 Doctrine & Covenants so far and I should be able to limit my memorize, quiz, and flash card page to those 10 since those are the only ones I'm focusing on right now. Also I should be able to share my score on social media like Facebook. It'll be a easy way to start a discussion with my friends. And we should turn it into more of a game to make the scriptures easier and more fun to learn. For instance, it should have Game Center integration. That way I can challenge my siblings and best friends to beat my score. It's fine to compete against myself but it really makes it fun to compete against my siblings in learning the scriptures. Right now, this app is beautiful, but not very useful. I still would learn better with little paper flash cards to carry around because I can challenge my friends and I can limit which ones I'm studying currently. It's sad because this app has so much good potential. It's just missing a couple really important features. .
andrwmac on Oct 17, 2014 for version 2.2
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Good but needs work
Glad the app was updated for the new scripture mastery verses. However, I have noticed that some words get skipped as you hide more. JSH has 3 or 4 words missing. Also, the dash to indicate a word is often missing at the end of a line. I liked the old version that had a button to show the whole scripture if you needed a hint.
La Laws on Oct 10, 2014 for version 2.2
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Bring back other languages please!
Great app, but I used the prior version to memorize in Spanish and Portuguese as well.
charliettttttttt on Oct 6, 2014 for version 2.2
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