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Great app!
Very useful. Jonathan, I'm not sure I'm any help, but I'm confident that if you pray often, Heavenly Father will help you. Show your parents that you love and respect them. I know He will help you. He can help soften their hearts so when the time comes, you can have a mature, responsible talk with them about your desire to remain close to the gospel. Good luck!
Raychulb on Jul 17, 2011 for LDS Scripture Mastery
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Add the audio files to aid memorization
I would be excellent in the audio files of someone reading these verses outloud would be an excellent resource to help seminary students memorize these scriptures. Please add the audio files of the SMs. It would be 5 star app if added.
BroFuller on Jul 13, 2011 for LDS Scripture Mastery
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Will someone--anyone--please help me with my situation if you can?! That is, if you're willing to hear me out. Please do if you are a Mormon who cares about the spiritual welfare of a fellow believer. Let me explain briefly: I have been raised in the LDS church since I was 5 years old and my parents were converts. I am now 17 and my parents have not only left the church (and kept me from going back) but they have taken away everything that has anything to do with the LDS church or the restored gospel of Jesus Christ as we know it. They have gotten rid of all our Mormon media, thrown out all my Ensigns and New Eras, deleted my Mormon apps (including the Scriptures app!) and they forbid me to acquire any more such material. A few months ago when I realized they might do such things I discovered the Mormon channel app, and it has been a large part of my spiritual sustenance since then. I LOVE how I've been able to feel the Spirit and stay close to God and my religion through that wonderful free application. And the things I listen to on Mormon channel, I can read in LDS gospel library. Now I plead with God and anyone who sympathizes to help me to know what to do. How can I remain faithful to the truth that I know without having it available continually? If my parents succeed in keeping all LDS material away from me for long enough, I may forget how vital it was and my testimony of the gospel may grow weak. Since I can't have any printed books or magazines with the words of latter day prophets and apostles, it would be very convenient if I could just keep this app on my iPod and have it all at my finger tips. But I can't do that unless I secretly disobey my parents, and delete and re-install this app every time I sync my iPod or allow my parents to handle it. That would be against my conscience, but it would be less against my conscience than disobeying God by neglecting His word as revealed through his servants the prophets. "For by my own voice or the voice of my servants, it is the same" (Doctrine & Covenants 1:38) Finally, I'd like to briefly bear my testimony, for whoever may happen to read this. I have never had it whispered in my ear, but I have been free to pray, seek truth and study on my own, to the point where I have gained a strong testimony of the gospel, one which is very real, personal and vital. I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is the true and inspired word of God, every bit as valid and accurate as the Bible. God himself told me so in answer to the most sincere prayer I have ever prayed. What greater witness can I have than from God? (see D. & C. Section 6) Joseph Smith, Jr., was a true prophet of God, and one who was blessed to be chosen as the one to bring to light the fulness of the Gospel in these latter days. Consequently, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true and living church of God on the earth today. It is most definitely a Christian church, and one which is superior to all others, yet prejudiced against none. God is pleased with His church, and he still appoints and inspires living prophets and apostles to guide and teach his people, the Latter Day Saints, and anyone who chooses to believe and follow Him. God lives. His Son Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. All of the Scriptures, and all creation, points to Him and the miracle of His sacrifice for us. How blessed we are to have the fulness of his gospel in these latter days! And yet it does us no good if we do not even keep ourselves familiar with it. PLEASE, someone, anyone, if you have suggestions on how I can remain true to my faith when even my own parents are doing all they can to take it from me, respond to this, my impassioned, desperate plea. My name is Jonathan, so you can write another review and mention me by name, and I will give you my email address if necessary so you can offer suggestions. But please only do so if you can really help me, and if you don't understand where I'm coming from or if you disagree, please don't say anything. I will delete this review in a few days if nothing happens. Yours truly in Christ, Jonathan, A seeker of truth striving to be worthy of the title "latter-day saint".
Helaman512 on Jul 11, 2011 for LDS Scripture Mastery
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Great app one thing to cosuder
This is a very useful app. One thing may help with memorization. That would be the ability to record with just the reference, and then play back while viewing the whole text.
deraj672376237 on Jun 26, 2011 for LDS Scripture Mastery
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Love it
Qwertyqwrry on Jun 26, 2011 for LDS Scripture Mastery
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Great app
Useful and legit:D
Jpmorm on Jun 25, 2011 for LDS Scripture Mastery
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