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I love this app!
I love watching the flares. Lots of fun. Very accurate. My only wish would be for the countdown to be spoken. Also, why does it say the time left is one minute longer than it really is?
Hms1 on Jul 25, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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This is a fairly weak App. It is very limited in the information it provides, alarms are not integrated with the iPhone calendar, it does not refresh automatically. Not worth the money it costs. There are free Apps that do the same job.
Mistiano1959 on Jul 22, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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Great App!
Thanks! This is an excellent app. Really fun to be able to watch the flares.
Chartw on May 2, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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I love this app
I've always enjoyed spotting a satellite going across the sky at night. With this app you can spot them without having to rely on luck.
BuBuBooBoo on Aug 11, 2014 for version 3.0.2
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Latest version introduced two major issues! Another remains...
Great app--one of the best Iridium flares apps. It deserves 5 stars... However, there are two major problems with it--ones that got introduced with this latest version! And a third that remains from before. Also, have a suggestion. 1. The new version puts a large frame on the top and bottom of the screen creating an unneeded, unwanted letterbox effect that also shows fewer flares of the list. The developer did it to accommodate those who want multiple sites--you slide between them. Well, that assumes users observe Iridium flares from multiple places!! Many of us do not! It'd be so easy to include an option to turn that off--I'd imagine that even those with multiple sites would enjoy more room to list the flares and a different way of switching sites! Please fix this! 2. The app *requires* you to calibrate its compass on startup. That's a nuisance; all one wants is to see what flares are coming up-- not play a game labyrinth rotate the iPad until all the lines around the circle are filled in. That shouldn't be required until wants to invoke compass mode. 3. One glaring omission remains from prior versions--we need to be able to set alarms much earlier than 10 minutes before. Let us do 1/2 hour or 1 hour-- it can take time to assemble the family, put on the coats, finish dinner, etc. 4. One big suggestion: let us see *past* flares! Often, one is out observing or even doing casual sky gazing and sees a flare--we'd like to be able to check on it! Here's my prior review with updates. ------------------------------ One step forward, MAJOR step backwards! This is one of my favorite astro apps, but it has just taken a turn for the worse. It used to be night time friendly--yellow bars and text on a jet black background. Now, though, it is glaring with a white background! I'm floored by this. Ruins one's vision! FIXED!! On the plus side, the developer added much better information screen, with larger compass, direction heading (eg N or E), and map. (I'll have to double-check those as I'm going to reinstall the older app!) Haven't found the notifications setting, something other reviewers touted. Certainly hope it doesn't wake us up!! -----> REMINDER BUTTON IS A BELL--Also, if you go to Notification Center in Settings you can include this app. However, with only 10 minute reminder, what's the point? The older version handled wi-fi better--auto load quickly determined when wi-fi was not available--this just keeps the spinning dashes going and going!! A bug?? ----> Fixed?? Have to test it Oh, yeah. One other thing--it didn't remember the saved dates and times of flares from the previous versions--a rude awakenng early this morning--blinding screens and no data--a drag. Developer is responsive, so I'm sure probs will be fixed soon!!
AstroPaul on Jun 8, 2014 for version 3.0.1
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It works
This app works as advertised, it's very precise and completely stable.. Why pay anyone else?
Marski1221 on Jun 6, 2014 for version 3.0.1
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Great app!
A fun way to see satellites. I've used it for a couple years.
OsgoodKelch on Apr 6, 2014 for version 2.3.2
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Gréât update
easy to use !
snzsy on Mar 29, 2014 for version 3.0
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This app is great!
Highly recommend it! It tells you down to the second where the flare is and also gives you a star map for assistance. Love it!
Carrot2727271727 on Mar 27, 2014 for version 3.0
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Not happy
Since the upgrade, the app will not load flares. States none are found...
3card_Monty on Mar 26, 2014 for version 3.0
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