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Huh uh
Why not have the abilitiy to put a decimal point in? This should do the math exactly and let ME round it off if I want to. Especially since I PAID for the application.
JanethB on Jul 27, 2008 for Tip Calculator
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Easy to play, great pictures included!
Review of free version 1.0: I like the 'help' of the numbered tiles, and tapping makes it easy to move tiles. Request if future updates: When a picture is solved, to have something pop up like "Done!" or "Solved!". :-) I do prefer the game "Tiles", because of the picture settings, and it keeps top scores for time and moves, but I do like the 'tap to slide' feature and the included pictures with "Picture Puzzle". Thank you! :-)
scmatlock on Jul 24, 2008 for Picture Puzzle
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Plus sign looks like a multiplication sign, pop-up keyboard annoying
This app uses a snazzy plus sign that is designed to look "stylish" but instead it looks a little too much like a multiplication sign and can cause you to mistake addition for multiplication when you're moving fast through this game. Also, there's no need for the keyboard to keep popping up and down-- annoying and a waste of battery juice-- just keep it up all the time, thank you.
Thatchman2 on Jul 22, 2008 for Math Wizard
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It's ok. Clean interface, but not very immersive. There's no time limit to do simple arithmetic, and there are plenty of numbers to choose from so it's just a matter of picking out the number you're looking for. It would be way more fun to have some sort of game where numbers came at you and you have to add them up as they come, or knock them out by choosing numbers that add up to them from a (more challenging) interface like this game.
Northernfrights on Jul 19, 2008 for iAdd
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Not a stimulating word game
This looked a lot like the PopCap 'Bookworm' which I love as a casual game. Though it really misses the mark - really a poor second cousin. You don't feel like you are playing 'against' the game in any way. I've bought all the word games, and this is the least satisfying with Wordtouch a close second in this regard. Now Sextuple Word, and even Quordy - with the ability to make challenges - have it right.
duxelles on Jul 18, 2008 for Letter Connector
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Simple and quick to use.
The adjustable 5 star rating and tip multiplier is great. It's simple and to the point, without any extra calculation garbage.
Parallaxkid on Jul 13, 2008 for Gratuity
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I like it
I like this series. The interface is great. And the comic itself is very funny. The only problem is, they don't give enough of the comic for $0.99. If they gave more of the comic, I would give this a 5 star rating.
Bernstein229 on Jul 13, 2008 for Survivors
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Great Work!!!
Keep up the good work! I am a music lover and I appreciate good music. God Bless You!
sherwyn on Feb 27, 2008 for Songlines Podcast
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