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Horrible App
This app doesn't even allow your child to select an answer. The problems never change. They are always the same. LAME
iOpinionated on Aug 22, 2008 for Addition Helper
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...for me on the go. quotes bookmark/ download would be nice but good app!!
fluxopi on Aug 19, 2008 for Option Pricer
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Bugs and not enough stats
I would like to see a score for each hole.. Not just a running handicap. This game will not restart after 50 hands.
Irish Comanche on Aug 18, 2008 for Golf Solitaire
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Good reference but no audio yet for Mac users...
Very complete dictionary that can easely replace the "book" in class but sadly I have no audio ... I suppose they still working on it for Mac users...
Krankenpfleger-Greg on Aug 17, 2008 for French <-> German Slovoed Deluxe ta
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Never Buy This Floppn' Game
Worst eva
Kgrl33333432287778854 on Aug 17, 2008 for Korebasi
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This was free a bit ago, but even then it was bad. The things (plates?) are too small for most people's fingers and it just sounds horrible. Not the best buy.
Inept77 on Aug 17, 2008 for Zxilophone
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Not Impressed!
I got this thinking it would be kinda cool to have when I go out. Of course I wouldn't completely rely on it, but thinking it would be cool to have a general idea. Your options are boy or girl. I haven't found an option for weight...the most important factor!!! I wasted my .99
bobalmighty00909 on Aug 17, 2008 for Drink Timer
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Great Start
I submitted feedback to yayphone that what this app is missing is the ability to change the parameters of the fields. Since sales-driven industries are so different, there has to be a way to accurately calculate the probability, and not just assume it's 50% or 40%, etc. If this app could have the ability to calculate the 'probability of success' before beginning, this app would be absolutely perfect!!! Many sales-oriented folks would use this app to determine their frequencies of success if they had a way to calculate their probability of success before strategizing their sales presentations. Also, there is is no help/info link. I very much like this idea, and I would love to see it grow into an all-inclusive application! Great start!
Milo Maxima on Aug 17, 2008 for Probability
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Mobile access...
This is a mobile access client for a proposal / project management software. You have to have the server software to connect to.
Jagould on Aug 17, 2008 for SalesBuilder Pro
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Simple, Functional, Accurate
I wanted a simple app to calculate tips based on the service level and TipBuddy does just what I need. Nice Work!
blahblahyaya on Aug 14, 2008 for TipBuddy
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