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I'm only giving this game 3 stars right now. Its a really fun game but its pretty bogus that other platforms already have updated to new levels going into the 500s. iPhone users get the shaft of course. I've been waiting to get past level 240 for days and have already completed every level in Fairy World (up to 180). Come on Fairy Mix - this isn't fair!
Fairy Mix Fangirl on Oct 14, 2015 for Fairy Mix
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Yea Buddy!
Very good! 5*'s for cool points!
BeautiifulKimberly on Oct 14, 2015 for The DailyHoroscope
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Why excellent? A couple reasons in my book... The way the puzzle pieces lay on the "table" is like they would with a non-digital puzzle. I have another puzzle app which is fine, but, keeps the pieces off to the side so you have to scroll through them to find what you're looking for. This app allows you to see them all at once. Secondly, if you play it a lot, you achieve enough points to open the entire store for free. You don't have to spend a bunch of $$ for new puzzles. And you receive a free new one daily, right from the start. Happy puzzling.
Nelson Rd on Oct 14, 2015 for Jigsaw Puzzle Joy
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App crashes on ending measurement
Useless app. Avoid.
Tanmay-K on Oct 14, 2015 for BMW M Power Meter
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Best game ever
TomTheGreat353 on Oct 14, 2015 for Music Quiz
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Who allows this garbage to be a slot app when it's purely a pop up campaign, all of these apps by this app presenter play out the very same way, it's not a slot app but an adverting scheme to download other apps. Someone please regulate these apps before it gets too far out of control!!
Handynewf on Oct 14, 2015 for Aaaaah! MEGA JACKPOT CASSINO JB
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Pure crap
Two words, crap pure crap.. Crap crap crap pure crap.
Handynewf on Oct 14, 2015 for Aaaaaaaah! 777 CASINO JB SLOTS FREE
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Great for saving pics and vids. Delete them from your Photos but they'll still remain safe in your Photo Vault. Ain't that awesome ?! Aha
😆😩😭😪😱😠😰😎😤 on Oct 14, 2015 for Photo Vault
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Great app but it does freeze. Don't waste your money
Great app when works. It did freeze on me a least 4 times already, on the loading days was fine, getting all my information and tracking down my progress, what I was eating, my weight lost and the water intake, then out of not where the app froze completely, no way to back up your information, if had froze on me 4 times, I deleted and downloaded again, started fresh put all the information upto the 6 day on my phase 2 and then it happened again, and again. So the app must have a problem with either the launch after the 6 day, the calendar counter, or the last update for iOS, but it is really bad that all your data get lost if you are one the 20+ or 30+ day of your phase 2 or 3 and something like this happens. Totally unreliable app at this point, specially is you pay almost $10 like I did and they do not offer refund. Be alert and don't waste your money, use another application while this gets fix.
Neckkoss on Oct 14, 2015 for hCG Diet Assistant
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No longer accurate
This app used to be good, but now it almost seems as if it's not even for my sign.. It's never even remotely close anymore. Not only that, there's times when it'll repeat the same exact horoscope from 2 weeks ago. I've had this for a long time, but I'm deleting it now.
--Edo-- on Oct 14, 2015 for Horoscopes
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