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Good App...Has Bugs
I hope they keep working on this App as it will be great once the bugs are worked out. Import feature Author/title multiple titles for one author hangs up and doesn't have skip ability. First name, last name author search has problems.
laverne8910 on Jul 12, 2015 for version 2.14.3
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Wrong synopsis
Barcode reader works well. Identifies correct book and book cover. Wrong synopsis associated with book.
Jarbr!o1e-1978 on Jun 12, 2015 for version 2.14.3
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Won’t even try
This app just set a record for being on my iPhone shorter than any other app I have tried. I have been trying to find a book cataloging app that met my needs and thought I would try this. My mistake. Launched the app and was met with full page ad. Dismissed that and clicked on one of the sample books in the library and got the same full page ad. Dismissed it again, clicked on another sample book and yet again, got the same full page app. Deleted the app. Total time on my phone, less than a minute. Not worth the frustration to even try it.
JLTOIII on Jun 8, 2015 for version 2.14.3
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I cannot get past the ads in the app to even try the app. There's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back
Bigfatechord on Mar 1, 2015 for version 2.14.2
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Rendered Useless by Full Screen Ads
Installed on my iPad. A full screen ad obscures everything on the screen so you can't use the app at all. Promptly uninstalled!
alacey on Jan 31, 2015 for version 2.14.2
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The pop up ads in this lite version are so aggressive, I can't get them out of the way to even get to see the app-ensuring a fast delete and making the pay version one I'll never get, since I never had a chance to test out the lite version. The need for income understandable- the method to try and get it from the lite works solidly against ever selling the full version.
Dadparatresninos on Jan 25, 2015 for version 2.14.2
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Almost good
Glad to have tried the lite version first. Some bugs. When loading books manually, you can't enter the ISBN and have it search the online database and populate the rest of the fields? What does the "import data" option do then? Barcode scanning on paperback books with ISBN starting with 7 all returned the wrong book from the database search. Some books load with missing or wrong cover. "Cover Image Options>Camera/photo library" does nothing or crashes the app. Using the "Actions> Places to buy this book" lists vendors but does not hot link to the vendors website directly. I might as well search the book directly in Google or Amazon. Hope these get addressed and the app would be useful and worth purchasing. Which is a must because the ads are super annoying. I saw no "contact" link to report bugs/request features. If ISBN reader doesn't work try a different one in the settings - that helped.
Hard2Pleaze on Jan 9, 2015 for version 2.14
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Better options
So far the app works great. Only default is that you can't change the order of the books. I have lots of series and it won't let me put them in order! If this could be changed the app would be great!
Aczuba on Mar 27, 2014 for version 2.13.3
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Doesn't work
I have installed this app three times, as it is a great idea. However, it doesn't work. Each time I open it, I am taken to images of what I assume are sample books. No way to access the bookshelf, add books, delete the samples or anything.
skigalns on Mar 23, 2014 for version 2.13.3
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Looks nice, but...
...the number of database fields is pretty limited, nor do I see how to customize/add new fields. Where's the Dewey/LoC cataloging? Number of pages? Co-authors? Publisher? Publication date? Copyright date? Date purchased? Price paid?
Calton on Nov 18, 2013 for version 2.13.2
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