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Wow, the bookshelf is hideous. Lose the drop shadow, make it more attractive--something! Its just stark and amateurish. Glad I saved 3.1.3--I may upgrade to it. Why not have a theme where we chose the old/attractive look vs the new/ugly look? Is choice really that threatening to you? This, along with iTunes U, make me want to look for alternatives--the bookshelf on the Kindle app looks a LOT better.
esxmac on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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The new icon is hideous
The app is still good, but the new icon is just horrible.
32miami on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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Ugly Update
The main reason I got an iPad was to read books while I studied abroad, and the reason I have an iPad not a Kindle or Nook was because of the way the iBooks interface looked. I wanted to still have the look of having a bookshelf full of books, just like I've had my whole life. I resisted updating to iOS 7 for the same reason. The old look gave iBooks and iOS character. Now it's just flat and bland. I'm comforted by the fact that it still looks like turning a physical page and I can still use sepia tone, but the bookshelf itself looks simply terrible. "Beautiful" is the term I've seen Apple using to describe every single update for iOS 7 and Mavericks, and it couldn't be farther from how I would describe either OS.
Mollie Herlocker on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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Please get rid of the white...
Once again, an Apple update is all white. It is very, very hard on the eyes. The app has also lost its character (looking like a bookshelf). Functionally, it's fine, but please stop using all white.
Beansprouts now! on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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Do not update
The old iBook had the look and feel of an actual book. This update is flat and as ugly as the kindle app. Apple, please bring back the old look back to the book app.
Zidib on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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New fomat is HORRIBLE,
I loved the bookshelf look. It was comfortable & certainly did not need updating. Even more than that, my eyes do not adjust to bright white & now it is hard for me to see my books floating in a sea of bright light. CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!
MoodeBluez on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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