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They gave me 3 contractors One never showed One doesn't exactly so what I need Other was nice at estimates reasonable How ever when I called for questions they never called back I don't feel I can trust this app and It's buyer be ware!
Robertalso on May 7, 2013 for HomeAdvisor
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Use the home advisor site a few times no problems great quality work from the contractors.
Chaz davis on May 4, 2013 for HomeAdvisor
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Excellent app
Just did two projects. One done and one in process but I am so happy with the quick services rendered from the contractors. Really pleased ...
Jarudegirl on May 2, 2013 for HomeAdvisor
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I don't like how every time I call about a contractor I can't speak to them directly. They redirect me to someone different. I also have to repeat all of my information over and over. They should save this info.
jazzime on Apr 21, 2013 for HomeAdvisor
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Lakeside Heat & Air
We just had our condenser unit replaced for air conditioning from Lakeside Heat & Air. They met all of our expectations. And we used Home Advisor to find them. Thank you Home Advisor
Rob DiPrimio on Apr 13, 2013 for HomeAdvisor
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Great app
This helped me resolve at least two major projects with my home and got me in touch with real professionals. Great app recommending to my friends and family any chance I get!
GThrilla on Apr 10, 2013 for HomeAdvisor
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