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All paths lead to wanting your money
Nice concept but the interface not intuitive and it seems all paths lead to a screen asking for your credit card. If you go the free or $9 route any type of doctor may respond. For example, a Family Doctor responded very generically to specific issues I asked about skin cancer concern. Then I get a note from the HealthTap saying the doctor disappeared and I would get my $9 back. Then I get a message saying she wants to know how I am and I am to respond by a smile face or frown face. Bottom line: don't waste your time. Go see a doctor.
TKmiami on Aug 21, 2015 for version 5.0.27
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Slow and crashing
88$ wasted on two consultations plus the app either too slow on chat conversations and crashing the app. Get it fixed!!!
Trixbox on Aug 8, 2015 for version 5.0.26
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Waste of money
Never connected. Waste of money
Lisams305 on Jul 31, 2015 for version 5.0.26
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Huge disappointment!
I use to get all my medical advice using this app without having to pay a fee! Now you have made it to where the app is pointless unless I pay $50 to have a question answered. Bad decision by changing all this.
I πŸ’š Instasize on Jul 18, 2015 for version 5.0.25
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A Disappointment
I think this could be a great tool for medical advice to the public. Notice I said COULD BE. I'd even pay for the app if I didn't have to pay for an online Doctor's Visit within THIS APP!! I submitted my 150 character question and was only given four doctor's to choose from; none of whom were related to my issue, two of which couldn't practice medicine in my homestate and the third doctor I chose requested $44 for his "quick and accurate response." My co-pay is cheaper than that and, an surprised to say, the frustration waiting in the visiting room for our Family Doctor isn't near THIS! Is this a scam app or a free medical tool app to help the public? Disappointed, at best.
CaptainSammy42 on Jul 18, 2015 for version 5.0.25
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Health App
This is for the U.S. Not Canada disappointed
Pegasus_9 on Jul 15, 2015 for version 5.0.25
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No response
I think this COULD BE a great thing to have especially with treating common colds and small issues. I took a chance, twice and sent messages to physicians about my concern. No response to he first message and my money was automatically refunded. I sent a second message to another physician, no response but this time no refund without having to fill out forms. I'll give something a second chance but not a third so I'm deleting this app
Cagas21 on Jul 8, 2015 for version 5.0.24
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Another Great Concept Executed in its own Execution
I have had the HealthTap app for years and, in the past, received great service through it. And let me stop right here and say, all of those medical professionals that volunteer their time to help folks through this platform are absolute salt-of-the-earth, generous, caring people! This review concerns the app itself; came the time to review, edit, rewrite, and update my records - MY MEDICAL RECORDS - and I can barely hang onto the idea that they did not deliberately set out to stymie that effort in every software fail conceivable. Changes revert back to previous - and should be overwritten data - fields cannot be blanked or reset even though an entry is obsolete, mistakenly entered, or otherwise misinformation that may well throw those doctors way off as they must assume you meant it to be there that way. Some entries call for any of hundreds, thousands, more, possible answers, but, astonishingly, they give a dropdown menu with a half dozen or so to choose from. For a specific example, Vegetarianisms are, for most people, choice or preferences - not to belittle that, but, a dietary restriction refers to some item that must not be ingested and carries serious, including lethal, consequences. Guess which ones you can choose from the Dietary Restriction form? Any one of the seven or so preselected meatless or gluten free options that you like! Tough luck for those of us with autoimmune reactions to any one of a billion possibilities. Are they trying to select me out of the gene pool??? I do not write many reviews and do not remember writing a really bad one, but tonight I just… you just can't know how frustrating and disappointing this has been. I am just astonished, that's all, flat out astonished!
Great for on the go on Jul 2, 2015 for version 5.0.24
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Confusing UI, unresponsive support
I lost $30 on this and haven't received a refund.
KnowledgeWorker on May 30, 2015 for version 5.0.20
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Can't be real doctors
Either these are not real doctors, or they're idiots with a medical license who are too stupid to get a real job. My questions are never answered. Half the time they aren't even read thoroughly and the answers are completely irrelevant. And they constantly send notifications for you to thank the idiots that didn't answer your question. There's no way I would actually pay for this, even if it was affordable at $5/month, but $99/month? They've lost their minds!!!
KMBRLY on May 27, 2015 for version 5.0.20
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