GreenCharge: Bad App! And developer doesn't care Review

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Bad App! And developer doesn't care
I really wanted this app to work. there is a complete lack of transparency in the operating expenses of a hybrid. And it is really hard to track manually. The OnStar and GM apps do nothing to improve this. Having said that, this app simply fails to deliver. There are two features that work, unless their service is down -- the %charged badge on the app and the charging status in the app. The app completely fails to compute miles traveled which means anything derived from that like cost/mile, etc, are bogus. But the most disappointing thing is that I have given the developer feedback on this, which I was assured would be resolved. Then, after it was not, I shared more feedback to which they responded without apology or empathy, "you can ask Apple for a refund." Whatever! This isn't about $10. It's about meeting your commitments. This developer should pull the app and proactively acknowledge it is, at best, a way to see charging status on the homescreen. You can use the OnStar app to find out the other charging status data. And you'll want to use the OnStar app anyway since it has some really cool features like remote start and send an address to the in-dash nav system. Don't waste your time and money. This developer lacks sufficient customer focus to deliver a product that lives up to its hype.
BigSurvivorFan on Mar 8, 2012 for GreenCharge
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Does not work
The first version was ok but very buggy. The logbook had completely fictional data but the updating of the battery status worked most of the times. Not worth 9.99 but maybe a solid 0.99 app. The latest version broke the last bit that was not broken in the first version. It now no longer updates my volt's battery status. My gm application still works and I reverted back to this.
Pinkshirtuk on Feb 27, 2012 for GreenCharge
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If you have a Leaf, it doesn't do anything to help you. The Carwings app is all you need. The savings log is nice but makes a lot of assumptions, so I don't think it is all that accurate. Save your $9.99 if you're a LEAF owner.
Jimmy Zyzzerman on Feb 6, 2012 for GreenCharge
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I own a Volt and this application provides me with an easier way to track information not provided by OnLink. I do not believe the concern on the 12 volt battery is real. From what I have experienced the application only contact my car every 60 minutes.
Gonzalju on Feb 2, 2012 for GreenCharge
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I drive a Chevy Volt. The automatic update feature on this app sounds like a good idea at first… But then you realize the Xatori servers are requesting OnStar updates from your car every 10 -15 minutes. This means the onboard computers in the car have to wake up and report status every 10 to 15 minutes all day & night. This puts considerable drain on the car's 12 volt battery. If you leave the car parked for a few days you may have a dead car battery when you return. You also have to wonder if the OnStar network can handle that many transactions. For example if all current 8000 Volt owners used this app it would require 48,000 OnStar transactions per hour. I am not sure OnStar is going to allow that for very long. I think that the solution is simple. This app needs to have a user selectable polling period. Perhaps 1 hour through 6 hour intervals. You should also be able to shut off the automatic updates and just update manually when desired. This app has a lot of great potential. I think it adds some really neat features for EV drivers. But until we can control the polling period or shut off the automatic updates… I cannot recommend this app for Volt owners.
tchavalas on Feb 1, 2012 for GreenCharge
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Not ready for prime time
I just bought this (expensive) app for my 2012 Leaf. After signing in, the battery state of charge is inaccurate (doesn't show last night's charge). The Nissan app shows fully charged (correct), Green Charge shows 40% charged (not so much). Another sign of sloppy programming, when you swipe the screen using the (not needed) buttons, the "page indicator" dots at the bottom don't update.
E_fan on Feb 1, 2012 for GreenCharge
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