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Its okay
Well I'm not going to lie, I have been playing this game for a while now, and I'm now getting used to things. It's a great game, with a few flaws. So I'm just going to point them out to you. 1. There are too many places for JUST vip members, and it's getting annoying because some people don't have the money for VIP 2. What's the point? This game is never ending so there really isn't a point to it 3. I always ask for faster and easier ways to earn "gralats" but they won't give more ways. 4. I dont like the new "baddies" they're way harder to kill, it's annoying 5. I'm sick of all these buildings "under construction" just open them already 6. I don't like the whole "York Town" thing, like the horse races, its not even fun, so why add it? Seriously. 7. I hate all the new PK areas!!!! 8. I ABSOLUTLY HATEE when I get warped to somewhere else for "idling" too long "or staying still" too long 9. I hate when I'm at my guild house and I stay there for too long and it automatically logs off my account without me knowing! 10. I HATE the new identification thing 11. It's really boring now 12. Too many new admins that don't do their job 13. Some people are getting banned for stupid things. (My cousin did) 14. Nobody ever responds to feedback -.- If these are fixed, I will give 5 stars Thanks
Nicomedy on Jul 20, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Could be better
It's an awesome game but could be better and I can change my colors and I have the customization pack
Nnoooob on Jul 20, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Wow people
Wow I am disappointed in you people you'd guys want cheaper stuff or house for gralats the people who made this wanted so everything was available if you used real money if everything was gralats then how would you get a panda or a turtle without using money? Answer that. Moluccan Name Moluccan in game
Moluccan12 on Jul 20, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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MMORPG= chatroom?
MMORPG stands for "massive multiplayer online role playing game" Graal kinda has the MMO right but absolutely no RPG in the game! Mostly ppl talk no quests, adventures, EXP, proper fighting, are involved in this piece of crap DON'T INSTALL!!!!
Roadkill96 on Jul 19, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Ok so lets get some things out there 1. You cannot expect the game to amaze you, 2. Yes there are active admins, yes they will bann you BUT ONLY IF YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG DUH, IT'S LIKE YOUR TEACHER, 3. There are bugs, what do you think? There are so many people asking for things that the others things don't get fixed so shut up about bugs, 4. There are instructions, it's called doing you missions when you first play the game, and of course 200 hours? Are you kidding me? 200 hours will not show you all of the game, there is way more but your to lazy to find it. Anyway this game can be fun, but you can't complain, cause this app is totally different, they don't treat you like other apps will, they do what they want and if you don't like it, bye! Yea you can do so much, towers, and GFX which is graphics, but you wouldn't know that UNLESS YOU SPENT TIME ON IT! The bad side to this game is, you can possibly lose your account for ever if you are very bad, and yes there are inappropriate things on here, but you can't blame the game? It's the chat system that let's you type WHAT EVER YOUR WANT! Now Do Not Give This App Low Stars UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY PLAYED FOR LIKE 200 HOURS!
Jester_The_Cat on Jul 19, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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At first I thought this was great, and I spent several hours on it. Later I realized that you couldn't do much without "gralats", and those took a long time to get without paying. There are certain places you can only get to if you have played for too many hours (100+ or more). This game isn't worth the time. Don't install it.
Thunder72a on Jul 19, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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