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Loses my custom workouts
There must be a sync issue with Fitocracy because only 2 of my 3 weekly workouts sync. It's a real pain to GUESS where I was last week because the app lost all data of my, say, Wednesday workouts. I like the app but this kinda has to get fixed. Otherwise I'll have to go back to pen and paper. Integration with the Health app would be nice too. Track my physical activity and exertion level. Sync those two things and I'll PAY for it!
CSStanton on Aug 28, 2015 for version 3.1
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Can't get past the bleeping tutorial.
I used to love this app but since it was updated I can't get rid of the tutorial to track my workout so I may need to find a new app!
Unapartera on Aug 25, 2015 for version 3.1
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Can't link with Runkeeper
So I just got the app and was excited about it, but I primarily use Runkeeper. Every time I try and link the app with Runkeeper it force closes. Help.
Uhyggyhh on Aug 24, 2015 for version 3.1
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Great concept, terrible execution
I really wanted to love this app, but all it did was make me frustrated. It won't let you easily access workouts. You can make your own from a huge list of different exercises, but there is no way to make routines or to find the workout once you've saved it.
Ncm7676 on Aug 23, 2015 for version 3.1
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Fitocracy is great... if seeing a teletubby flash on your screen motivates you. Seriously, nothing about the app makes sense.
TomFromSeattle on Aug 4, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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Social first, workout second
This is basically a social networking app with some workout features tacked on. Social features are constantly pushed to the forefront, at the cost of making the app nearly unusable for tracking workouts. Confusing to use, hard to find what should be basic things (like a list of my previous workouts. Where is it?!)
zeeman808 on Jul 25, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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Sell out
I went from a paid supporter of a fitness-gaming platform to someone that refuses to use their "online training" ad delivery system. App constantly breaks, delivers little value if it does work.
kerve13 on Jul 24, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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Why say 4+ if you're going to kick off everyone under 18?
I thought I had finally found the perfect app for tracking the workout my personal trainer set up for me. I even spent about an hour perfecting everything in the workout, joining groups, etc. As soon as I went to use the app for what it's used for, I found a comment that said, "you're 16? Gotta kick you". I never stated anywhere that I was 16, I have no idea how they even found out as I kept my age a secret. Why you'd kick people under 18 out completely baffles me. What, are we not allowed to work out now???
AnnieBoots on Jul 22, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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Could be better
I use this app mostly because I already had an account in the past and I like the idea of earning points for working out. That being said, the app can be very difficult to navigate at times and editing a workout can seem frustrating. I think if the app were updated and made a little more user friendly, I would give it more stars. Also, integration with another app like MyFitnessPal would be awesome!
Gr0ogrux on Jul 2, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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Not for swimmers
I wanted a simple app to track my swimming and walking workouts. This is complicated and asked me for reps in swimming. Not helpful.
Lotus1331324567 on Jul 1, 2015 for version 3.0.2
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