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Bad update!!
I use to like play this game... But after the recent update my opinion is starting to change. Too many glitches! And now it cost more / takes more rubies for everything! At this rate u might lose more players than making more money. You might want to rethink this one!!
Bondgrl2 on Oct 24, 2013 for Empire
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Stay away from this game... for now
There are a few chronic problems with the game. First, the developers have taken monetization to the extreme. You CANNOT play this game with any chance of success without dumping a TON of cash into it. Second, all of your cash does not seem to translate into a better product. It gets worse and worse with each update. There is currently a glitch that allows game-controlled opponents to totally wipe out your expensive, time-consuming, forces. I was promised compensation which I have not received, and in the meantime, the jerks in the game (see below) have taken advantage of this to attack everyone. I spend more time now putting out fires from attacks than building or playing the game. Third, the game mechanics HEAVILY favor the haves in the game, and unfortunately, the best players and most dominant groups are unrestrained bullies. The latest updates have only fueled this problem further by making things the bullies already have more expensive for you. Good luck catching up to them. Basically, every dollar you spend on this game goes toward rewarding the jerks of the game, it's really not a fun game for anyone else and at best, the developers just ignore this problem. On a positive, I like some elements of the game, I like the friends I've made, but at some point, I think most of the people I know are going to leave because of how mismanaged and negligent the developers have been. Nobody wants to give them more money just to keep up with a game that is stacked against some, but not others. I restrained myself on posting this negative of a review for several months now with the hope that the app and the gameplay would get better... it has not. It's a shame because it has a lot of potential, but the outlook was better in the past than it is now. If you want to play a game that costs lots of money, that sets you up to be picked on over and over and over and over by the same coalition of knuckleheads, then this is the game for you. If you want to play a game that rewards quality play and gives new players a chance, look elsewhere until the developers address some serious problems with gameplay. Dear developers: If you want advice on how to improve the game, ask the players and, more specifically, ask the ones that are not constantly in control of everything.
Pedro, on Oct 24, 2013 for Empire
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Good but BUGS
I love the game, but a robber baron sent 20 low-end attackers and my 125 defenders (including 50 high end defenders) and I got killed. He only lost one attacker for my 125. Fix this bug soon.
Amazingbob5 on Oct 23, 2013 for Empire
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Waste of time and money
So...they draw you in with some basic and cool sims type stuff, and there's promise to what may lay ahead, so you spend a few bucks and buy the gear and tools to move ahead, and then the game designers send 'MARAUDERS' to steal all you've worked for and paid for, thus leaving you to re-up and start over. No thanks, Sisyphus. The bait and switch is pathetic. Boo and boo.
Madaoorap on Oct 23, 2013 for Empire
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I'm only getting this for imvu credits so dats y I rate so low
Bellatwilight103 on Oct 23, 2013 for Empire
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Greedy game studios
Like everyone else is saying...you better be prepared to spend lots and lots of money to compete. The game is so buggy after the last update it's pretty much unplayable. Don't waste your time downloading this game...there are lots of other games that are much better.
12345...12345 on Oct 23, 2013 for Empire
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