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We were excited about this app, but it crashed 3 times within 5 minutes. This is unacceptable and we're looking for another solution.
ZRutledge on Nov 10, 2014 for version 2.1.5
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DrChrono Will Put You Out Of Business and Cost You $10,000's in Work Arounds and Lost Patients!
DrChrono Will Put You Out Of Business and Cost You $10,000's in Work Arounds and Lost Patients! As a 3 provider office, we trusted the reviews we read here, and after 8 months of CHRONO Hell, we are pulling the plug on this abhorrent product, before it causes us to go out of business. The list of issues with this product is scores of pages long. EHR faxing does not work 50% of the time, incoming and outgoing. We never receive a standard fax confirmation confirming receipt or failure of a fax. We don't use Chrono's Billing component, because it only interfaces with 4 insurers in the Seattle/Portland market, yet last week, our 287 patients, received 2,986 statements via email from DrChrono! 1 statement for every encounter! How can this be? We don't use Chrono for billing! We were swamped by over 100 irate patient calls in a 2 day period. Customer service does not exist, except by EMAIL! The average reply time is three days, and we currently have 5 tickets open between 7 and 42 days! Repeat THERE IS NO TELEPHONE TECHNICAL SUPPORT! Patients see multiple, duplicate appointments for several providers AAT incorrect dates and times on the OnPatient portal provided by DrChrono. In the past month, we have had 22 patients arrive for appointments that did not exist. Our advice is to run away from this scam as fast as you can. IT WILL DESTROY YOUR BUSINESS AND CREDITABILITY AMONGST YOU PIERS.
John in Salem, OR on Oct 24, 2014 for version 2.1.4
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No ability to customize.
There is in room to put any medical history or a questionnaire about the patient's medical history. This doesn't come close to what a physician would want for their office workflow.
Appleseed4411 on May 28, 2014 for version 2.0.2
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Good concept, poorly realized
I suspect all the reviews for this poorly constructed app have been solicited by the company. I've used drchrono for one year now, and although the main app has improved substantially, there are still quite a few problems, and the registration app still really offers very little to a physician practice. You still cannot upload your own practice forms, as pdfs, and obtain signatures. The app simply allows you to create an endless list of fields that a patient can type in. The information shows up as an endless list as well, in the demographics tab. If you'd like the patient to complete the information at home--good luck. Access is confusing and only works on specific platforms (no Firefox). Often, data submission fails in the final step. Half of my patients fail to successfully log in and finish. A far better patient form and check-in app is from Zoc Doc. 100% success rate from patients, and an alert when the forms have been completed, with form printout options. And the forms have check-boxes, are attractively designed, and have all the fields I need. I've reported numerous problems with the drchrono check-in app for months, with nothing but promises from the company to make improvements, and so far, I've seen virtually no change.
Dr. Mark McDonald on Jan 3, 2014 for version 1.9
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Good, but needs serious improvement
Serious problems keeping patient balances accurate. For some reason they have 2 different balances for each patient- one for insurance and the other for the patient. When the patient pays a copay, it does not count against the balance for some reason... When we contact Chrono for help, their expert that is VP for customer support has only been with the company for 1 month and doesn't know the software enough to help.
StGNUCCA on Nov 26, 2013 for version 1.9
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Not useful beyond first visit!
Sure, they set themselves up...but then what? Day 3 for their follow up, how would they use it to check in? There is no daily "gripe sheet" or subjective notes from the client. Wasteful for such a potential app. I would imagine a checking like kiosk. They fill in 1-10 on their various complaints....but no... Everything is static. Not a fan!
Pyr8wife on Mar 21, 2013 for version 1.8.4
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Major Flaw
If you modify a consent form for the future that the old form should not be archived. This means you have to leave all of your forms on the consent area all the time. If you have a patient sign a form and then archive the form there will not be a way to prove the patient signed the form. Also the signature the patient uses will not ever come off unless you erase it. It will stay the same and show up on future consent forms that the patient did not sign. When you erase it to get a new signature the new signature shows up on the old consent forms. Both of the above represent significant legal issues that must be fixed. This is a great system but these flaws are serious legal and ethical issues. The company is aware of this and I do not know why it has not been fixed.
Irmdrules on Dec 9, 2012 for version 1.7.1
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Patient Web Portal
You need to make On Patient a web portal instead of assuming that patients are going to have a half hour in the office, all of their meds and relevant info on hand, and that the receptionist is going to have an iPad for everyone. It would make so much more sense for this to be an app/web page that patients could log in to on their iPad or computer from home so they can have the time, relevant info and it can save my office the time to do more than just manage the On Patient (procedure) that my receptionist is supposed to perform. After speaking with customer service back in March, when I signed up, they said it would be an available feature by July... Would really like to see this happen soon because I have had to send the info to my patients as a pdf to print off at home and then bring in (so I can quickly scan over it during the office visit) and then spend an hour entering it into the EHR later that night. This one feature would make my entire practice so much more manageable. Please, please, please make this a priority.
Otis47 on Jun 28, 2012 for version 1.6
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Important Flaw
I am disappointed that this update does not address this app's significant flaw - patient's need only press the Home button to gain access to everything on the iPad!
DrWaitkus on Dec 15, 2011 for version 1.1
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