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USB Sync
Synchronization between the PC and the phone is a Real problem with this app. Sometimes it will work - but most times it won't connect even though everything is still set the same - requiring uninstalling, reinstalling and hoping it will then recognize each other. This is a major flaw in the app, requiring using other apps like Dropbox or emailing to transfer files. Come on guys - PLEASE update this app to permit syncing documents via the USB cable ! Update - 8/15/15. Synchronization is crap. App has become useless as it had too many things that have to be in sync to work. And the system will not recognize iphone. Don't purchase premium app until they add sync when cable connection between phone and pc is added. Come on guys !!!!!
PDGx on Aug 16, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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I've moved on. Documents to Go hasn't.
Once again, I have to take issue with some of the other reviews. I can edit anything -- PowerPoint, Word, Excel -- in old and new formats. I long ago abandoned the effort to sync DTG to a desktop directly -- that hasn't worked well for ages. The cloud sync works fine for me. My issues? First, printing. It doesn't. Not that I can't work around it by printing from any number of other places, but no. No printing. And it shows its age painfully in Excel docs. Half my spreadsheets are uneditable due to "unsupported functions." Really. "Today()" is not supported. Or perhaps it's subtracting two dates that's not supported. Or something else. I can't tell -- it's not editable. There are plenty of good, workable alternatives out there if you don't need direct-to-desktop sync. OfficeSuite Free is one. Microsloth Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are also available if you don't mind killing a gigabyte on your device and either paying MS's subscription or going through DropBox. If you need direct-to-desktop -- can't help you. Try transferring through iTunes is all I can suggest. -- Old Review 4/10/2012 -- I had to write a rebuttal to the prior review stating that Docs to Go Word doesn't work with an external keyboard. My external keyboard (Zagg bluetooth) works perfectly with all three office components - Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I don't dispute that my respected fellow user has experienced problems, but I have never experienced such a problem with this or any prior version of Docs to Go. Therefore, external keyboard problems are not universal. In other areas, Docs To Go has the best Word functionality of any iPad MS Word editor (I have tried some competitors). Its excel editing is adequate, as is its powerpoint editor. Its integration with Dropbox (my preferred cloud solution) works smoothly. Is it as good as having a full-up laptop with MS Office? No, not yet. But with this, I can do 90% of my work on the iPad. Works for me.
Drag0nSilver on Jul 23, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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Lots of issues
Never syncs with google drive... If it does it takes forever. Can't open or edit certain excel docs. Crashes in the middle of working and doesn't always save my work.
Phillip Colligan on Jul 6, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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Incredibly basic
There are plenty of low-cost or free alternatives to this app. Can't insert graphics etc, which makes it pretty useless... Very disappointed
Blue Ozzy on Jul 2, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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Power Point is missing
Why does the current version not have power point? All prior versions I have used had a power point application. Feeling gipped.
Power point is missing on Jun 30, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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Great potential
This app does what I need, the problem is access. For example, today I wanted to review notes I had in a PowerPoint presentation, and unfortunately, my app will not open. This is very frustrating. I guess I will have to kill some trees and print out. However when the app works and syncs properly, I am very satisfied.
Blessedbeyond on Jun 23, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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Used to be a good product.
Now the interface has become clunky. And you have to search the web for a user manual to figure out how to do something on a spreadsheet that you could get within the app before. I've had Docs to Go since my first Palm Pilot 14 yrs ago. Quite dissatisfied. Maybe time to replace.
Allynk on Jun 16, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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Please, add Microsoft Access to this application. Thanks
Please, add Microsoft Access to this application. Thanks
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQURSTQWXZ on Jun 11, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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Excellent suite
While not perfect, this is an excellent solution for users of Office documents. It syncs well with Dropbox (and others). Docs to Go seems more compatible with excel spreadsheets than is excel itself. I have an excel file which opens in Docs to Go but will not open using the Microsoft Excel app.
drfh on May 27, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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This app works just fine
My colleagues and I use this app to take observation notes via excel without any issues. We even collaborate on the same file via air drop. Air drop isn't the easiest way but I am told using Onedrive will produce more of a live data feeling. This app opens all the different files without issue as well.
LAAVEG on May 15, 2015 for version 5.2.6
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