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Been using this app for some years now. Please Note: When tapping on a Spanish word with a written accent, it will only select the text to the left or to the right of the accented letter, or only the accented letter. The whole word should be automatically highlighted, as in English or whatever language. Please do fix that. Thx
Jonchile on Nov 5, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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On startup, it tries to get me to log into Box (which I don't even have) and then crashes. Every time. I guess we're the beta testers. :(
finleymon on Nov 5, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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Great but...
its great! I LOVEE this app!! Awesome, great, easy to use, and easy to access the documents. However, I would love some more fonts! And i would also appreciate the option to insert pictures in text documents. Please take my suggestions into consideration! Thank you!
Bumpisawesome on Nov 2, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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The best ios Office app.
Now that they've fixed the problems with using this app on a 6 Plus, it's great--the only app with a desktop sync option. It automatically reflows text for easy viewing when you zoom in, and it has a scroll bar that allows you to quickly get to the end of the document.
Miguel O'Brien on Nov 2, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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Getting there... Eventually
3/30/14 As for all the criticism I and many others have given DTG, I just want to reiterate how incredibly useful and powerful a product it is, especially for a hand-held device. Sure, it has its flaws, but I've been managing much of a small business (with many personal uses as well) for several years and have yet to find another product that even comes close. So I hope it keeps improving and people keep purchasing it. 2/13/14 Once again, I can't believe that a spreadsheet viewed in landscape ends up with maybe one-third of the actual spreadsheet contents visible at a time, while other UI elements take up all the other space, with no way to collapse or hide those other elements and no full-screen option (other than the setting to open in full screen view mode, which just reverts to the normal view mode after entering edit mode). I'm not sure what the best solution would be, but I'd start with losing the extra, useless margin in the sheet selector, and possibly shrink the top bar and tool bar a little? And perhaps a way to intuitively hide and show certain UI elements? 1/26/14 What?! Cannot copy a cell or range of cells from one spreadsheet to another? Really?? 10/1/13 Ability to star/unstar documents in Recent tab is GONE, yet files still seem to retain their previous starred status. PLEASE FIX. 9/7/13 Open In function has been restored. Also, it seems odd that the top bar in the app is a bit higher than necessary. 9/6/13 A year later and not really much of an upgrade in terms of features, but some UI changes that may prove welcome in time. At least the app has still been solid for me, and Dropbox connection still works fine. As for INSERT/DELETE spreadsheet rows and columns, the functions are still there, but just a little hidden: you need to tap and hold a row or column selector to access row/column editing options, but good luck if you have a short row or narrow column, in which case you'll probably just end up in row/column resizing mode, unless perhaps if you have tiny fingers. As for the new sheet selector/tabs in the spreadsheet component, it's really nice to have quick access to worksheets, but then the tabs take up so much of minimal screen space (including the extra space under the tabs which seems wasted). A simple menu option or swipe gesture (or both) to show/hide the sheet selector would probably be a good solution. 10/5/12 Another seemingly POINTLESS ANNOYANCE is that the Cloud tab often randomly (?) reverts to the root directory. It is also unclear how the app determines which files to sync or how many subdirectory levels to check. It certainly doesn't scan and compare them all—likely to increase efficiency—but a file in another directory or subdirectory may have been opened via the very handy Recent tab and then modified, but then doesn't sync when selecting the Cloud tab, resulting in not-infrequent sync conflicts. 6/24/12 Another feature missing that is present in Excel is conditional formatting. What a welcomed addition to DTG that would be. 3/8/12 Do you know what the best thing about Quickoffice is? It generally makes me appreciate this product a lot more. Make that 3-AND-A-HALF stars... No, I'll even go FOUR. For now... 5/3/11 It's a little ridiculous that an entire folder, subfolders and files can't be synced in a one-step, manual process like every other Dropbox-connected app I have. The auto-sync of every folder on access really degrades usability. DataViz, please see "ReaddleDocs" and "GoodReader" for examples of Dropbox integration done right :) 4/27/11 Dropbox integration works fine for me, but the constant refreshing of content is SO annoying and inefficient. How about a setting for manual/auto refresh? 9/15/10 Also, the changes to the spreadsheet formula bar a few updates ago are somewhat detrimental to usability. 1. There is no longer an X in the text box to clear the contents in one step which was very handy. 2. The automatic expansion of the text box to multi-line is annoying and would be better if it expanded only when needed (content-dependent?). 3. The expanded text box in landscape makes it impossible to access other cells or navigate the sheet as was possible before. Still no ability to create spreadsheet CELL BORDERS. Maybe if I asked nicely? Who knows?
Mr. Zyler on Nov 2, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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iPhone 6+ edit probem
I've used this app for years. New iPhone 6+ new ios8. Had curser problem offset so you can't edit. Now Fixed in version 5.2.4 everything is great again! Thank you for the fast update.
Woogetybop on Nov 1, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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Almost, but...
I have had this product for years. I upgraded and paid for the Cloud version last month. Today, with their latest upgrade my Docs to Go now appears directly on my PC on my iCloud. Yay! HOWEVER, I CANNOT UPLOAD ANY FILES TO MY FOLDER. I get "error". They were so close, but just NO. Why release when you are not testing first. Another BAD flaw is that you cannot use the Tab key when entering data into their spreadsheet. You get a message, "Tabs to supported, YET". Funny, but another NO. Sorry, but please make improvements.
Peter & John on Oct 31, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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Nope. You're not allowed to say an app is optimized for the iPhone 6 if you're not taking advantage of the new resolution.
rhtsooner on Oct 31, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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Long time user
The new update fixed the cursor issue for 6 plus Good job
florbo on Oct 31, 2014 for version 5.2.4
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Waste of money.
Paid good money for this and now there are ads. It was barely worth it at $5, there's NO WAY you should pay $15! Deleting this now.
thesykboy on Oct 30, 2014 for version 5.2.3
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