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Still the best comic reader
Nice iOS 7 update. Kudos.
@nash_ on Oct 28, 2013 for Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader
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Update ruined interface
The new colors are fine, even if I prefer the wood grain of the old look. But please go back and revisit the size of icons for List view. I used to be able to see 10 comics at a time on screen, and now it is maybe half that. It just makes it really annoying to scroll though my comics.
Corymg on Oct 21, 2013 for Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader
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Disappointing update
I can still read comics so i guess this is still a pretty good app, but its very difficult to use now. It's very easy to accidentally rename comics, and the invaluable 'list view' from the previous version seems to be gone. Stick to the previous version if at all possible, the iOS 7 update is a serious downgrade.
Sad view on Oct 18, 2013 for Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader
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New GUI mars otherwise good app
New GUI is a real problem. Icons are too big, even on smallest settings, and look like they'd be more at home condensed onto a cell phone-sized screen. The iPad has a big screen, lets not fill it with huge icons... I liked seeing the long list of comics I have, and from 20+ series on a page to 5 in portrait mode is not helping me decide which to read next. Need an option to revert to the old size (how about 3 size differences instead of 2, guys...), and an option to put the back button back where it was. The back button is now as far away as possible for how I use my ipad (on a stand at the dinner table). Fix up this 5 star app!
Cronoc on Oct 17, 2013 for Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader
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Not Liking the New Version
EDIT: I'm disappointed that the second update to v6 has not addressed the vast number of complaints regarding the major changes to this app. The interface is still ugly and unwieldy, with the icons still grossly oversized. It is still nearly impossible to comfortably browse a large comic collection in this version. I could live with the harsh colors, but the changes to the handling and layout are the real deal killers here. It is disheartening that the developers have neglected to even acknowledge the customer dissatisfaction with these changes. I keep hoping that they will come to their senses and streamline this app back down to its former glory, but that hope is beginning to wane. I was, thankfully, able to revert back to the previous version via iTunes. At this moment, I do not recommend updating to v6 if you have not already. And if you are just now looking at buying this app, I strongly recommend holding off until they fix the glaring issues with it. --- I love this app and have been using it for quite a while, but the new version is a huge step down. I initially rated this app as a very strong 5/5, but after the changes it's barely a 2/5 at best. The red/white color scheme is irritating and distracting, with no option to turn it back to the previous, mellow wood grain / shelves look. The icons are huge now, too. Rather than being able to have an orderly list that could be easily browsed on one or two screens, everything is now /enormous/. Switching to "list" view doesn't do much except make the icons slightly smaller. Especially annoying are the folders, which before would just be a text line. Now they're a huge, distracting line of icons. It makes everything look very disorderly. I'm really disappointed in an app which I once loved and has, honestly, been the primary app I use on my iPad for a long time now. An option to go to an /actual/ list mode, like we had available previously would go a long way towards fixing this mess. But in the interim, I might have to go searching for a different app to read my comics in now--which I really hate to do. Or I'll have too try to roll it back to the old version somehow. I'm hoping that the developers will do another update to make it a little more usable. Sorry for the poor review, but I'm really not liking this new version.
TheJadeWolf on Oct 17, 2013 for Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader
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Was fantastic, now less so
The new update changed the overall presentation in a number of ays that are less useful and more intrusive. Empty folders take up an enormous amount of space-the same as a folder with contents-and just get in the way in a way they didn't when they were a single line. The progress line is too small to be useful on a folder, and it isn't clear what it means. When looking at comics in a folder, tapping on the great white space doesn't open the comic (most likely) but does edit the name (rarely used)-all that white space should be used for the main function. The main list is just harder to navigate since everything has been scaled up in size. When in a folder/box the back button and the home box button appear to do the same thing (in fact I'm not sure where they do something different).The per issue view looks nice in theory, but since it doesn't include the titles/numbers it's hard to make out what issue is next (if they were smaller and had the labels, great, and bigger would make it harder to scan-how about an option to scale the size and to show/hide titles?).Change name in the issue-specific gear menu is redundant due to the giant white space target to edit. And of course, I'd love just a regular line by line view at the top level so its easier to see what I have in my list (way too much scrolling now). So, while the actual reading is still great, the organization and manipulation of the collection has suffered enormously. There's some work to be done to restore the luster to what was the best reader around.
Demani97 on Oct 16, 2013 for Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader
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