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This app is Great Now
I rated this app four stars first time for not having a keyboard. Now it does and it works great. I can use one word in ink, like store, and then use keyboard to enter items. I save it to home screen and I can see store very well. Then just tap icon to read items. If I could rate it ten stars I would. Great job. Being able to put notes right on your home screen is great. Sometimes I over look the badges and miss things. With the note right there in front on me I haven't over looked it yet. However I have a hard time writing the note. There just is not enough room for me and my big fingers. I just wish there was an option to use keyboard. If that is added then it gets five starts.
stepchild46 on Apr 5, 2010 for BugMe! Stickies Pro
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Loved Bug Me on my Clie and love this app too
The one app I used on my Sony Clie NZ90 and missed the most on my iPod Touch was Bug Me. I was thrilled when Iain said he was going to port it and he proved my expectations right. This is a a great app for those of us who don't have an extra 30 minutes a day to type our reminders and organize them like some sort of Rolodex. I tried PTO and 2DO and just couldn't get the oomph to type and retype and organize all of the various notes with sync capabilities, etc. Instead, now that I have Bug Me on my first iPod screen, I write down what I think is important and that's it. Yeah, there were some better controls in the Palm version, but Iain and the Electric Pocket crew will get there soon enough. I'm lovin' the app and lovin' the time I don't have to spend typing... that's the whole beauty of this app. And yeah again, I suppose I could hope that Apple allows me to eventually use a stylus... NOT. The use of the stylus made Bug Me on the Clie a bit less awkward, but honestly, I'm not composing poetry or the Magna Carta here, just a quickie reminder about toothpaste or call some number. Take a look at the screen shots of the app... it's clear what the app can do and does. If your fingers are that clunky, you're right, you should look for something else. Like Things or PTO. Or maybe a typewriter. Try it, for .99 cents it's a good deal and a great app that will get better. Thanks Iain and EP.
kshkval on Mar 28, 2010 for BugMe! Stickies Pro
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No keyboard?
Seems useless to me without being able to use the keyboard for notes. They're too small and the writing looks terrible. I love the idea of having the note pop up on the home screen as a reminder...I know I'll always see it. If I could use the keyboard to type notes, I'd give this app 5 stars. I'm glad it was only .99 since I will not be using it all like this.
AT&TiPhoneUser on Mar 21, 2010 for BugMe! Stickies Pro
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Long awaited but not iPhone friendly
Like some of the other users pointed out - this app (not sure if it's by the same people) used to be awesome on the Palm, it's awesome on the Blackberry - but the semantics of Apple's push notifications don't help it. The way I would use it on my Palm was to jot a note then FORGET ABOUT IT and know that I would get a reminder for sure. Since push notifications are unreliable, I can't use it in the same way, especially not for important reminders. Please do this 1 thing to make me a 5 star happy user. Build an alarm IN the app. I don't mind leaving the app on all the time, and that way i can at least be certain to be reminded. without that i'll just have to continue using the default alarm feature. Will watch for this feature impatiently though.
jkl234523 on Mar 19, 2010 for BugMe! Stickies Pro
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Needs Improvement
Two biggest complaints. No alarm if you use it on an iPod Touch and the brush size doesn't go small enough to allow much to be written on the note. I used Bug Me on the Palm for years and was real excited to see it available here and also thought the price was great. I'm hoping for an update soon that will provide me with more of a reason to use this on the iPod Touch.
b_b_1 on Mar 18, 2010 for BugMe! Stickies Pro
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Easiest way to set a quick "push" reminder!
I have been waiting for this App since I got my iPhone... If you want to remind yourself to pick up milk on your way home from work, write "Milk", set a quick alarm, and voilĂ ! Try to do that faster with other To Do Apps... Want to write down a quick phone number? This is easier than to create a new note or a new contact. This is perfect, and the price is right!
LeZorg on Mar 17, 2010 for BugMe! Stickies Pro
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